Term 2 Lesson 2!

This week’s lesson was yet again another rather enjoyable one. We are still technically in ‘recap mode’ coving plurals and spelling. So i’ve been thinking about how I can make this blog a little more use to you Dutch Learners. I am far from a linguist expert and my Dutch isn’t really off the ground all that much. I understand what is said when I have the words in front of me but without them i struggle immensely. In my last class review I mentioned the book we where working from in class. This is all well and good but I want to tell you *what* we are using from the book each lesson. I am going to share with you the chapters we cover, in the order we cover them and any side notes I made during the class.

Flash back to Lesson 1. The chapters we covered in class where:

  • Chapter 1 – Pronunciation
  • Chapter 10 – Numbers and Dates, Currency and Measurement
  • Chapter 23 – Telling the time (this comes as part of Chapter 10 in the 9th Edition of the text book but as Chapter 23 in the 8th Edition)

In Lesson 2:

  • Chapter 2 – Spelling
  • Chapter 3 – The Plural

Spelling is important in any language obviously but in Dutch one letter less or one to many can land you in some confusion. Here’s an example: Ik heb twee zaken – I have two businesses. Ik heb twee zakken – I have two pockets. Indeed both sentences make sense but if you are telling someone about yourself and your two businesses you’ll get a funny look if you start mentioning pockets! This helps with accents aswell, the amount of times I have confused boer with buur thats ‘farmer’ with ‘neighbour’ and not forgetting deur and duur thats ‘door’ and ‘expensive’. I know this is basic stuff but most times the basics are the hardest.

Key things about Plurals… they are bloody hard to get your head around! The easiest part to learn is that verbs aren’t pluralised – ever! and that loan words from English e.g. Computer are pluralised the same in English e.g. 1 computer, 2 computers. Thats the easy bit!

We covered 7 types of ways to pluralise words. Endings such as -en, -s, -eren, -ien, -XXen along with changing f’s to v’s and s’s to z’s and then there are the strong irregular multiple which undergo a complete internal vowel change! The table below shows the work we did, we where given the singular and asked to write down the plural form. There was a few that caught be out!

Brood – broden

Mens – mensen

Deur – deuren

Boek – boeken

Kast – kasten

Deken – dekens

Computer – computers

Broer – broers

Ketel – ketels

Telefoon – telefoons

Kind – kinderen

Water – wateren

Blad – bladeren

Ei- eieren

Koe – koeien

Vlooi – vlooien

Papegaai – papegaaien

Uil – uilen

Leeuw – leeuwen


Epos – epossen

Bed – bedden

Hut – hutten

Pot- potten

Mot – motten

Doos – dozen

Kraan – kranen

Knoop – knopen

Oor – oren

Oog – ogen

Stad – steden

Lid – leden

Smid – smeden

Schip – schepen

Gene – genen

A little ditty from the tutor “met oren kun je horen”

Trust me its one think hearing it and understanding it, its a completely separate battle to remember it all! After this we had a tekst about ‘Lysanne‘ it was an interesting text about her upcoming marriage to ‘Mauritz‘ and which wedding dress she liked the most.

Towards the end of the lesson we had our little ‘brain brake’ as the tutor likes to call it. We watched a Youtube Vlog of a Dutch guy and an American guy. There are loads of videos like this I’ve seen a few. The idea is that the English speaking person tries to speak in Dutch. Its hilarious! Here’s the video we saw:

We wrapped up the class by practicing some Dutch tongue twisters (not sure how many of these are genuine or how many she made up). Try them out, they had us in fits of laughter!

  1. De kat krabt de krullen van de trap
  2. Ik zoek een kruiskopschroevendraaier in de schappen van de Gamma
  3. De stroopwafels zijn verrukkelijk 
  4. De koe zegt boe
  5. Grote grazer ganzen graag in grasgroen gras
  6. Achtentachtig prächtige schone grachten
  7. Hottentottententoonstelling
  8. Linda leerde Lotje lopen langs de Lange Lindelaan
  9. Helaas Pindakaas! 

Just by how long this post is I can tell how much more intense our lessons are getting. I’ve got to reread EVERYTHING from this class and really get my head together over the plurals!

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