Cramming in the Dutch any way I can this week!

Busy old week in my world yet again! Sometimes I look at my planner and I genuinely do not have a clue how I manage to fit it all in! Another week has rolled around and tonight I am at college again. This week I truly appreciated the benefits of my iPad more than ever before (not like I haven’t had it for 3 years or anything!). Downloading my Dutch textbook onto the iPad was possibly the best thing I could have done. Places it’s come in handy:

  • IMG_6686Around the house – it is nigh on impossible to loose your page marking if someone asks you to do something
  • In waiting rooms – I’ve spent a lot of time this week at the hospital waiting around for hours on end, trust me that 3hr wait for an X-Ray doesn’t seem half as bad when you’re reading about open and closed syllables
  • At the gym – First time ever I’ve taken my iPad to the gym, due to spending more of my afternoons and evenings in the hospital I have missed a lot of my favourite TV shows, 50 mins on the cross trainer isn’t too bad when your watching The Musketeers or Death Comes to Pemberly. Whilst I was cycling away on my ‘cool down’ I enjoyed recapping my vowels and consonants etc.


Another thing that helps top up the Dutch is reading Dutch blogs. I follow a number of different blogs and I like to follow some in Dutch too. These tend to be more fashion, lifestyle or makeup blogs nothing to intense or complicated because I can’t quite hack that just yet. Dutch Vlogs are great fun too, they are normally about 10 mins long, short and sharp, I like that.

Thats how I’ve managed to keep up this week, as hard as it has been its been fun. See you tomorrow for my Lesson 2 review.

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