Term 2, Lesson 1!!

Hello!!  I’ve not blogged for a few days (which is quite a long time for me!). I’ve had a crazy few weeks so I am sure you can imagine how great it felt kicking back into routine and heading back to college last night! Woohoo! I have missed my classes I don’t feel like I did enough work over the holiday but I was comforted by the fact that nobody else in the class had either. Everyone from Term 1 was there bar 3 and we had 4 newbies. With it being a more advanced class there was a few of the newbies looking a little out of their depth. Half of the battle with joining a new group is getting used to the way in which the teacher teaches!


Class one was recap of Term 1. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, a few new words etc and the rules where readdressed. Repetition and practice is key, I personally need to get on top of my vocabulary lists! The topics we recapped where:




Numbers and Dates

Telling the Time

De tijd vliegt snel, gebruik hem wel

We also did a comprehension IMG_2157piece about ex-Queen Beatrix its was a GCSE piece of 2013 (obviously she was queen then). There was some new vocabulary and the text was split into 3 section each one getting more difficult. It was a good piece really. “…op elk kunstwerk stat koningin Beatrix. Iedereen kon sen kunstwerk maken. Een jury heft de moist uitgekozen…”. 

Our tutor will be increasing the amount of Dutch she speak every lesson therefore advancing our level making the practice and rereading of class work vital. We will be working from a particular text book too. I’ve found a downloadable version that I’ve put onto my iPad for ease but she is photocopying the important bits for us.

All in all I was chuffed to be back in class and I am planning on keeping the work up too. I quiet enjoyed feeling rather clued up at last nights class it was nice being able to understand a good 85% of EVERYTHING. I even participated in the class role play (firm hatred for any other kind of role play!) and got compliments on my pronunciation. Winner or what?!

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5 thoughts on “Term 2, Lesson 1!!

  1. I haven’t blogged in WEEKS! I kinda took some ‘me time’ for a while, but I’ll get back into it soon. What is the book you have on your ipad? 🙂 I wish I could find a proper Dutch class where I live, but there is literally nothing 😦


    1. Hiya Hun, i had noticed your radio silence, I’m glad there’s nothing up!! It took me forever to find a class close to home. It takes me nearly an hour to get there is the traffic is bad!!

      The book we are using is free at: http://examenmvv.ru/free-books/dutch_essential_grammar.pdf my tutor is only working from the 8th edition and this is the 9th already. I haven’t gone through it completely yet (obviously) we’re using it as theory and vocabulary to supplement our classes 🙂 xxx

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      1. I’m going to get that book too 🙂 I’m actually at work right now but sort of quiet so I think I’ll do some research into where I can do a proper class within an hour from where I live! You are my
        MOTIVATION 🙂 X


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