Current favourites in the iTunes NL chart…

I haven’t written about my current Dutch favourites for a while so I’ve got a few here. I must say now that they aren’t all in Dutch but non of them have made it across the water to the UK yet and they all appear in the top 20 iTunes NL chart (as of Christmas week), they are all Dutch singers regardless to the language of their songs!

No2: Magic – O’G3NE

The Voice, kind of a big show here in the UK, I haven’t quite got my head around the concept yet. Personally I like to look at a person when they are singing to me and making them battle out in a makeshift studio ring just doesn’t get me excited. The Dutch however, seem to love this. The Voice of Holland is a ground breaking show for them and the Dutch people buy into it, literally. It helps that their contestants are REALLY good. All songs performed on the live shows are available to download. These contestants get into the top 10, they are played on the radio, and people know who they are without even winning. This years winner – O’G3NE (pronounced like… I haven’t got a clue. I tried to look this up had no luck! I’m going along the lines that there are 3 of them and they are sisters – 3 genes or something or probably nothing like that at all). It sounds to me like a sort of Abba meets Destiny’s Child modernized by Little Mix. They did represent The Netherlands in the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest too, they came 11 out of 17, clearly that was just a warm up for The Voice! At the end of the day its 3 absolutely gorgeously talented sisters, a blonde and redhead and a brunette, all of which can sing and just ooze sassiness and came first in December 2014. Maybe the new Power Girl Group of The Netherlands? I wonder if there is an opening for an extra member/honorary sister?

No4: Nothing Really Matters – Mr Probz

We’ve all heard Waves. This tops that. It’s like liquid velvet to the soul. This brings back some lovely memories from my trip to Alicante in November. That feeling of contentedness overlooking the mountains and the trees, the warm air wafting through my hair…but enough about that reminiscing. Listen to the song. Its lovely. I think I’m just turning into a soppy old romantic these days!

No12: Sexy Als Ik Dans – Nielson

Can I possibly talk about this song any more 😉 I’ll leave it there.

No14: Home – Dotan

I like this guy. Super easy to listen to and the words are catchy. I’m looking forward to hearing more from him. This song makes me feel all cozy and warm. Isn’t it amazing how music can do that! I defy anyone to hear it and not have this line stuck in his or her head continually! “…The sound of the wind is whispering in your ear / Can you feel it coming back? / Through the warmth, through the cold, keep running ’til we’re there. / We’re coming home now, we’re coming home now” Its like a tribal chant and I just love it!


What are your current favourite Dutch tracks? A few extra older ones for you to check out Nooit meer sen morgen -Marco Borsato or the Belgium group Clouseau with their song –  Kan ik niet alleen . Enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “Current favourites in the iTunes NL chart…

    1. Marianne, I didn’t know that thank you! I’ll look into seeing him. I have a sneaky suspicion that he would be awesome live!! xx


      1. They really are. There is a Facebook page Team Dotan UK. Maybe you want to join.
        You go to London?
        Haha eigenlijk moet ik gewoon Nederlands schrijven. Groetjes Marianne


      2. Ik wil hem zien. Misschien wil ik mijn vrienden vraag. Maar Londen is een lange weg van waar woon ik. Het is de dag achter mijn verjaardag ook!
        Ik hoop dat jij kunt begrijpen mijn nederlands!!

        Maria 🙂


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