Christmas Break Revision

Over the festive season my Dutch practice has indeed slipped, like that wasn’t expected! Its holiday time and I have been enjoying some very splendid family time. Everyone has that confusing dead week in between Christmas and New Year when nobody knows what the actual day is and you can’t quite stop eating the small mountain of Christmas chocolates and biscuits. I can definitely resonate with the “What did you get for Christmas? I got fat!” mantra. Anyway aside from my expanding waistline I’m here to talk about all things Dutch. holiday-fat-weight-gain-eat-christmas-season-ecards-someecards

As with every Christmas I tried to single handedly meet up with all my loved ones in the space of a week, this meant that quite a few hours where spent in the car sat in traffic. Needless to say my Hugo Learn Dutch in 3 Months CD has kept me sound company. I can’t get Dutch radio in the car without killing my internet usage on my phone so I have to settle for CD’s. This is what I have done and it has been great! I even played a few conversations to my grandparents, no need to point out their lack of enthusiasm or drive to join me on the journey of nederlands leren.  

I’ve been “year planning” in the dead week between one celebration to another; transferring diaries, updating logs and plans. I’ve even drawn up anotherIMG_5998 Dutch timetable. You may remember the one I made for the 6th October 2014-14th December 2014. I found this really useful to have in the front of my Dutch folder and it was easy enough to glance at and know what revision and practice I was doing along with the Blog Posts I would write to accompany it. So far I have recapped Section 2 and 5. It has been quite enjoyable really to recap the things I am familiar with. Whilst recapping I have kept note paper with me and tried to elaborate on some of my sentences and write down random sentences that use the rules I have learnt e.g. question forms, descriptions etc.

IMG_5375In the run up to Christmas I was not a stranger to Sky Radio Christmas. Absorption of any form of Dutch is helpful in my opinion even if that is just traffic reports and sales adverts it is better than nothing! I will be doing a post about my recent favourite Dutch songs too.

There we have it then, a little update of my Christmas holiday. In other news I’ve ordered 2 new books translated from Dutch into English. I can’t wait to start reading them and blogging about them too! Oh and has anyone seen the trailer for the new Michiel De Ruyter film? I saw some of it being filmed in Dam Square when I was over in August. Its out in the Bioscoop 29 Januari. I’ve added it to my list of Dutch films to see. This is list getting longer and longer!

How was your Christmas? Lekker kerstdagen?

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