Winter Efteling

So this time last year during my festive trip to The Netherlands I visited The Efteling. For those who follow my blog you will notice that I talked about it for my Dutch speaking exam. I’ve been a few times to the theme park, I’m not a massive fan of them in England to be quite honest. I don’t do rides that go upside down or to fast, hell I’m most comfy on the teacups! The Efteling however is more like a day out rather than just a pretpark its like…something I can’t quite describe, its like a theme park come nature trail come Dutch Disney park. Ok well its not quite Disney.

eftling winter

In de winter… they transform the park into a magical winter wonderland full with open fires and fake snow on trees. It is beautiful, definitely my favorite time of year to visit. Last year there was a trio singing Christmas Songs around one of the camp fires all dressed up in blue velvet suits with capes. We had a dance and a sing song of course. I do love everything about this time of year and the Dutch certainly add to the magicality (yes I made that word up…it’s a good one isn’t it! You have my permission to use it ;)) of it all.

eftling winter2

Here’s a few other things I thought where most enjoyable:

  • Trash Cans – They are shaped like little fat men sticking out of the wall screaming “ Papier Hier” which simply means “Paper Here” encouraging children to dispose of their rubbish.
  • Food and drink stands – specifically I’m talking about Chocomel! The smell lingers in the air and it really does taste like hot liquid heaven in a paper cup. We had a hotdog too which came with a free that-ugly-its-cute orange wolly hat.
  • Aquanura – the water show. I’ve seen a few water fountains in my lifetime but wow. This really is “The best show on earth” or whatever their tag line is.

So there we have it. An excellent day out in the summer and if you find yourself there over this festive period I can not recommend it enough!

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