Learning Dutch: easy peasy, right?

The lovely Mark from “A Dutch Perspective” emailed me in November about a blog post he was planning. Here it is!!

A Dutch perspective

What can possibly be more Dutch than … well, our language? And what is there to say about it.
Some time ago I heard a Dutch mom say: ‘If my children can learn Dutch, it can’t be that difficult.’ Besides stating the obvious, it did get me thinking:
Is Dutch an easy language to learn?

learndutch02 ©image:Erasmus University Rotterdam

In order to answer my question I had to conduct a little research. All I ask of you is to sit back, relax and try to keep up with me (so please, stay off the booze for a few minutes) for it’s quite a lengthy article.
By the way, while doing my research I realised that this is the first time I studied my native language in English.

Where does the Dutch language originate from?

About 1500 years ago Dutch language, like English, was sprouted from the ‘West Germanic’ regional dialect and…

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