Collating 5 months worth of Dutch Language Studies

IMG_0001Over the last 5 months I have tried so many different methods and have amassed a standard ring binder full of paperwork from my course, my personal studies before hand along with the little practices from here and there. I spent 2 hours this week compiling everything and cross referencing everything. It wasn’t an easy task and I still don’t think it’s the best system but hey ho! I thought I would share my new system with you and my plans for the revision of it all. I’ve got 3 weeks until Level 2 starts, taking out all of the days missed due to christmas frivolities and the recovery of such events that is more than enough time to recap everything.

I have got 5 sections. 4 of which are up for a recap.IMG_0003

1) History of The Netherlands and General Facts

2) The Basics: Pronunciation, Spelling, Possessives, Determiners, Articles, Nouns,  Plurals,  Word Order, Questions, Comparison and Negation

3) Tenses

4) Vocabulary

5) Past Exercises and Practices

From this it looks like Section 2 would be the biggest but my goodness its far from. I have so many vocabulary sheets and so many different tenses to recap. The brilliant thing about how I’ve set my folder up now is that in some way or another I already know everything that is written on the paper. My folder probably wouldn’t be any use to someone wanted to learn Dutch from it as I have mixed up the order of my classes etc but for me as a recap it is in logical sections. I have invested in a book I can’t recommend enough. There are lots to learn when trying to pick up a new language and some things can’t be learnt or explained in any other way other than the need to just remember them. I have 4 books on Dutch. 2 of these have become the extension of my right hand. I showed you all my Dutch dictionary when it came. Its an Engels-Nederlands one. The second holy grail I’ve purchased is 201 Dutch Verbs. How do I use them together? I look up the verb I am after in the dictionary e.g. to hurry. Then I turn to the 201 Dutch Verb book and look it up in there. Obviously it doesn’t work for every verb but the 201 most common ones are in there fully conjugated in every tense! Its great when working with new words and to check the ones committed to memory. MY view is that you are better of learning it correctly in the first instant rather than having to relearn something that you have committed to memory thats incorrect.

IMG_0005Level 2 will intensify and build upon these foundations to a confident level in order to have a good conversation and understand what is going on around you. In England we don’t work to a making scheme like the Dutch with A1’s and C-whatevers. I don’t really understand that system to be quite honest, if someone could explain it to me in layman’s terms I would greatly appreciate it :).

I’ve set myself some goals for the end of Level 2 it finishes on March, 18th.

  • Increase fluency and breath of knowledge
  • Increase confidence with talking to human beings
  • Develop more of an understanding
  • Improve on accuracy

I suppose you could say these are slightly ambiguous because they are. I feel like I know a lot already I just haven’t know it for long enough to be able to use it all. I think thats the case with learning any language, you always understand more than you can remember to use in a conversation. I’m trying to compare myself with my Dutch friends who have been learning English since they where 5 years old if not younger. I’ve been learning it for 5 months. I’m never going to be able to run without learning to walk first. Plus I think I’m going to have to invest in a bigger ring binder!


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