15th December 2014 Dutch Festive Foods

Foods you must try in AmsterdamI’ve never really spoken about Dutch foods all that much so this post will combine some classic Dutch foods I’ve tried and some typically festive dishes. I haven’t really got much to say about festive Foods to fill a post so I decided to combine some of my college food vocabulary list with my opinions. When I started planning for this post I didn’t realise how many typical Dutch foods I’ve tried. You will have tried some of these without realising they are Dutch. For those of you Dutch obsessed folk such as me…how many of these have you tried? Do you like them? Could you live off a Dutch diet?

Personally I like the majority of the Dutch foods I have tried but I do enjoy coming home to an English Roast Dinner and Breakfast food!

Here we go then…

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 19.38.17


Some kind of meat concoction rolled up into a ball and deep-fried. A bit like a croquet but ball shaped.


Deep fried cheese parcels, need I say any more?!


Stamppot is made from  mashed potatoes combined with other vegetables such as  sauerkraut, endive, kale (in the Netherlands called boerenkool), spinach, carrot or onion. It is usually served with sausage. I haven’t had this but it doesn’t look too daunting does it. I love kale so it is definitely on my list for next time.

Vlaamse Frites

Basically just fries but in Holland you can get them in the street in a paper cone to eat whilst out and about. The Dutch have an obsession with mayonnaise too. They call it fritesause but its basically mayonnaise and it is delicious. One of my friends got introduced to it in the summer and now she physically can’t eat chips without mayo. Thats not the case more me i can take it or leave it. The street sellers give you so much sauce its a bit of a turn off for me i don’t mind a little but too much is too much!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 19.38.17 copy 2Pannekoeken

Pancakes to us English speaking folk but by far the nicest ones in the world. My favourite flavour is Apple and Cinnamon. They do it with bacon and other savoury things but I much prefer my pancakes sweet.


Basically mini pancakes, I haven’t tried these but they are just small pancakes.


Cupcake sprinkles on bread for breakfast. This is still a bit of a mind f*ck for me. I’ve tried it, its nice but for breakfast I’m not convinced.


Raw fish. No. Just no! You can have it with onions and you either eat it cut up (like on the photo above) or down in one.


Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 19.38.17 copyFEBO muur

I have never had food from the wall before. Personally I don’t like the idea of it but the locals rave about it and it is freshly replaced and kept hot. The idea is great. Maybe its my inner Britishness that doesn’t trust food from a vending machine.


Syrup Waffle. Its beautiful and sweet and soft! I had them made fresh in Gouda and oh my days talk about a sugar rush! You can buy them in England too and KLM give them as your plane snack sometimes too! If you’ve not tried them what are you waiting for? Get up and go and buy some!


Its liquorice. You can have it in lots of different varieties. I love it slightly salty. Its one of those sweets that I am happy to have one and it last me for an hour unlike wine gums (lets not talk about them!)


Litterally “oil” – “balls” They are comparable to a donut but have raisins in them. Best eaten warm with icing sugar (powdered sugar to the Dutch). You can get them at this time of year as they are traditionally eaten at New Years Eve (Old Years Eve for the Dutch). They are good. I was surprised when I tried them.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 19.38.17 copy 3Pindakaas

Peanut butter. Sate Sauce and Pindakaas its a Dutch thing to put salty nuts on everything. Its not bad, maybe more appealing to the Americans rather than the British but its good.


Chocomel is by far the best Hot Chocolate I have ever had in my entire life and I can assure you I have tried by fair share of Hot Chocolate! The best one for anyone in search for the creme-de la-creme of Chocomel head over to Volendam, cross over the water on that little boat and go into the cafe on the far left hand side of the pier. It was so nice I had two! Nothing has ever beaten it since. I always keep a carton in my cupboard at home to, whenever I go i make sure a least 1l comes home with me.


Its fish. I’m not a huge fan of fish really but I tried this at New Year just gone. It was really really good. Only had it once but would happily have it again.


Cheese, they are most known for it, they make all different types, you can buy it and sample it more or less anywhere that sells it.


What is your favourite Dutch delicacy? What should I try the next time I’m in tulip and cheese land?


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4 thoughts on “15th December 2014 Dutch Festive Foods

  1. i have had everything except kibbeling… which I probably won’t try now as I’ve been a vegetarian for over a year now haha! The cheese though – every now and again we used to go into the cheese shops and sample everything for free – that was our dinner sorted for the evening!!

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  2. FEBO is the only thing I’ve not had, not that I’m opposed to it. Just haven’t had the need. I love stampot and we had poffertjes (with tons of butter and powdered sugar) and warm chocomel yesterday at one of the kerstmarkten! Lekker!! The oliebollen come with or without raisins. Oliebollen are actually the ones without, while the kruidenbollen are the ones with raisins (and a few spices as the name suggests). Both are excellent!

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