Eurovision Song Contest 2015!

Are you a fan? I am. Surprise, surprise! I just love it. It is definitely one of my favourite Eurovision_Song_Contest_2015_logo.svg_annual events and I always make a point of watching it, I even keep my own score card. We never win in the UK but thats fine. I don’t think we enter it expecting to win or at least I don’t expect us to but thats just the magic of it all. If England wanted to win we would put forward Adele or One Direction or Sam Smith wouldn’t we but we never do so we don’t want to actually win it.

The last 2 years Holland has really upped their Eurovision Game! They have won it 4 times since the contest began. The last time being in 1975. The Netherlands has had the prestigious nul point 5 times! This week the song for 2015 has been announced. Penned by Anouk (who entered it in 2012) I think they could do well again. The Netherlands came 2nd in 2014. If I’m being honest I wasn’t exactly impressed on hearing it first time but its a grower and Europe loved it! The Common Linnets is duo consisting of Ilse DeLange and another well-known and popular Dutch artists.

The 2013 Entry – Birds was stunning. I really did love it and I don’t think it was given enough credit.

This years song is quite different to their track record but a grower all the same. It is written by Anouk (or so speculation has it), its a shame she couldn’t sing it but I think their are rules about that. This is sung by Trijntje Oosterhuis and its lovely.


In this post I’ve talked about the last two and upcoming one, they are very different are they not? I hope they do well again but for some reason I don’t think this song will win it for them. The 2015 show will be held in Vienna, Austria on the 23rd May 2015. I can’t wait, can you?


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