Lesson 9! Dutch Entry Step Level One

If you’ve not seen already or you haven’t heard the news via some other social media page I have become addicted to Wednesday night I passed my Dutch Entry Step Level One course.

10409123_10152854989922593_527733279983149531_nI had my presentation exam, 5 minutes talking about a Dutch subject and questions all in Dutch.Β  Voor mijn presentatie ik sprak over mijn verbinding met Nederland en over mijn twee favoriete plaatsen: De Efteling en Apenheul.

I was so nervous, being in Munich these last few days limited my revision to what I could fit in on the plane. In hind sight though it was great fun and hearing everyone else’s presentations was great too. Some classmates where better than others and more easy to understand but everyone worked well and I do believe that the majority of the class are signing up for the next level which starts in January! I can’t wait. I’m going to try and work hard on my Dutch over the Christmas break and keep it up as much as I can.

So yes I’m still a beginner but not a super fresh beginner like I was 10 weeks ago haha! Oh and there’s a certificate too to prove it (because who doesn’t like a certificate?!) I’m going to blog in the run up to my next semester obviously with Christmas coming and also my preparation for next term. I’m really looking forward to the next term.

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2 thoughts on “Lesson 9! Dutch Entry Step Level One

    1. Thank you. I have worked hard it’s a language you can’t slack on but i never think I’ve done enough. Learning a language is about the speaking and it’s what exposes you the most but I passed and it was great fun πŸ™‚ xx


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