Munich Highlights

As you may or may not have notices this week I have been a little quiet. If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook you will have seen some of the timeline spamming I have been doing from Germany. I’ve just got back (literally at 1am this morning) from Munich. I went with friends and we had the most amazing time. Very christmas, very exciting and all round a blast of a time!

I visited Munich central, Dachau Concentration Camp and Salzburg. We saw the Olympic Stadium, BMW Factory, Allianz Arena and everything else remotely touristy.

I thought I’d stick up a little post about the things I’ll miss along with the things I most definitely won’t miss!

The things I will miss:
  • My pretzel man – 4 mornings of having pretzels for breakfast and we where like best buddies yet back home the guy who runs the corners shop at the bottom of the road doesn’t know me from Adam.
  • The versatility of travel, we went from Germany to Austria in 2hrs and nobody batted an eyelid. It was great. Definitely one of the best things about Europe, I’ve been able to see most of the surrounding parts of The Netherlands because of it being landlocked, its one of the best features in my opinion!
  • The friendliness of English and English speaking people. Munich is SO multicultural, its is a little like London. There are very few Londoners left in London. I’ve never seen people (tourists) so excited to hear and speak to us in English.
  • Fully accepting the MASSIVE difference between Dutch and German. Back in the day I used to (ignorantly) believe the languages where more or less the same. As the years have gone on I have obviously learnt the major differences but this trip has underlined that for me. Now yes there are similarities but nothing I could follow and the accent was much much to harsh for my understanding. I think it is safe to say that Dutch is the language for me and not German. Its super fast and I was a little too overwhelmed by it.
Things I won’t miss:
  • Tramps. Now I’m not being snobby and I do genuinely understand that homelessness is a problem and that is quiet clear in Munich. There are beggars EVERYWHERE, even on Church steps, in airports, everywhere. They are even routing through bins and litter. In Munich (like in Holland) supermarkets pay for plastic bottles. I think it’s 25 cent a bottle or something like that, which isn’t a lot but its easy enough to make up a euro. But trailing through bins is disgusting, apparently it is a lot worse in the summer months and even the pensioners are doing it. Its an issue I think they need to address. Soon!
  • The cold. Thats a bit strange coming from and English girl I know but we had it at -3 yesterday, landing in the UK at 10 degrees is an actual blessing.
  • Sharing a table in a restaurant with strangers. I can’t tell if I enjoyed this element or really didn’t. We shared a table 4 times. First time with a non-English speaking italian couple (I think they where expecting a romantic meal for two…sorry!), an old German man (didn’t speak much, didn’t stick around much either), and an American Mother and Daughter (these where my favourite, they where so kind and so chatty it was great.) When the Americans had finished we had two guys from goodness knows where (I think they spoke English but if they do i feel sorry for the conversation they may have over heard!!)

All in all Munich is lovely. It was super christmasy and has topped up my already overbrimming christmas spirit. I wouldn’t say I’m in any rush to go back there but I’m so glad that I went.


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