Lesson 8!

Lesson 8…what can I say, only one lesson left and my first term of learning Dutch is over. All being well that I pass my exam next week the new term starts January 12th if I’m up for it. I think I am and if I’m honest I’ve really enjoyed these lessons once we’ve got into the swing of things.

This lesson started with a little background and information about Dutch Food. It was quite interesting to hear all about the different typical Dutch foods and to see how many of them I have either seen or actually tasted, and of course the stuff I would NEVER try…one word – Harring! We also talked about Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam. After not being able to see it this summer it is definitely on my list for my next visit!

Yesterday’s session was a little more led by us with what we wanted to know. The class did a listening exercise last week which we completed. It was pretty much straight forward really (famous last words I know) but todays class went rather well. As soon as I get a copy of the comprehension/listening exercise I will link it.

We also covered word order. For those of you who have followed my blog for a while you will know the trouble I have with word order and who frustrated I get when little words are reversed or phrases are said differently. Here’s what we covered (I’m hoping the penny drops for you guys too)

I am going home tomorrow

Ik ga morgen naar huis
Ik ga naar huis morgen
Morgen ga ik naar huis
Naar huis ga ik morgen
Ga ik morgen naar huis?
I am going to the market today

Ik ga naar de markt vandaagΒ 
Ik ga vandaag naar de markt
Vandaag ga ik naar de markt
Naar de markt ga ik vandaag
Ga ik naar de markt vandaag?


I went to school yesterday

Ik ben gisteren naar school gegaan
Ik ben naar school gisteren gegaan
Gisteren ben ik naar school gegaan
Ben ik gisteren naar school gegaan?
I am a little nervous

Ik ben een beetje nerveus
Een beetje nerveus ben ik
Nerveus ben ik een beetje
Ben ik een beetje nerveus?



Does that make sense? Can you see it? Any word order works. Obviously some may appear to sound better than others and some, if directly translated into English would make you sounds a little like Yoda but the fact of the matter is that they are all correct and more importantly they all mean the same thing. I have a lot more examples but I’d say these four show it off rather well.

We also covered ‘Er is’ – ‘There is’ and ‘Er zijn’ –Β ‘There are’.

Er is niet genoeg water
Er zijn veel mensen op de markt


I was told today that I was ‘getting too good’ and that I ‘knew too much’. I’m not going to say it wasn’t a nice little ego boost because my goodness it was but I have been practicing and I have been actively working on it and I feel that many of my class mates, for one reason or another simply haven’t been. Thats not my fault! At the end of the class I was asked to give a short presentations, a few sentences of which I did confidently and accurately, my tutor understood me and so did the class!

Here’s a hilarious video we where shown today.

Ik wens jou een prettige kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!


One really useful thing we learn today too, which I am sure to be needing this month:

Ik wens jou een prettige kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!

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