Lesson 7 (The one I missed!)

Last night I had an email with the course content that I missed whilst on my little trip last week. From what I had been sent I can’t say I missed all that much really. The text for vocabulary 6 was quite interesting. I have done the sheets myself as practice, giving it a quick once over on Google Translate (yes I know thats not the right way to do it) but I think it went well.


Hallo, ik ben Sylvia. Ik ben student Nederlandse taal. Mijn eerste taal is Engels, want ik ben geboren en opgegroeid in Engeland. Ik vind Nederlands leren erg leuk, maar soms ook een beetje moeilijk. Ik wil graag Nederlands leren, omdat ik veel vrienden en familie in Nederland heb.

  1. Waar is Sylvia geboren? Sylvia is geboren in Engeland
  2. Wat is haar eerste taal? Haar eerst taal is Engels
  3. Wat vindt zij van Nederlands leren? Sylvia vindt Nederlands leren een beetje moeilijk
  4. Waarom wilt zij Nederlands leren? Sylvia wil Nederlands leren omdat zij hebt veel vrienden en familie in Nederland.
  5. Hoe heet jij? Ik ben goede dank je wel.
  6. Waar ben jij geboren? Ik heb in Engeland geboren
  7. Wat is jouw eerste taal? En jouw tweede taal? Mijn eerst taal is Engels. Mijn tweede taal is Nederland, ik praat een beetje François.
  8. Waarom wil jij Nederlands leren? Ik ben Nederlands leren omdat heb ik Nederlands vrienden.


The second part of the text work was on smoking. It was a little tough but it was one of those texts where once you get the gist of it you can decipher what is being said. I can understand the Dutch much better when it is written down as opposed to it being said out load. That will come with time though.



Roken is niet goed. Het is een verslaving dat slecht is voor de gezondheid en zelfs dodelijk. In één sigaret zitten 6000 chemicaliën en het roken van een sigaret vermindert je levensduur met zeven minuten. Eén van de verslavende stoffen is nicotine. Nicotine wordt ook gebruikt als insecticide. Een insecticide is een middel dat gebruikt wordt om insecten te doden.

  1. Translate the first sentence “Roken is niet goed”. Smoking is no good.
  2. ‘Verslaving’ means addiction, also called addictie in Dutch. ‘Gezondheid’ is health. ‘Dodelijk’ means deadly. Translate the sentence in line 1: “Het is – zelfs dodelijk”. It is addictive and bad for your health, it can be lethal.
  3. Line 3: look at the word ‘levensduur’. Leven means life and duur means duration. What would this word mean? Limit the duration of your life.
  4. Line 3: vermindert (infinitive ‘verminderen’) means reducing (- minus symbol). Vermeerderen means increasing (meer = more). Translate the sentence from line 2-3: In één – zeven minuten. In one cigarette there are 6000 chemicals and the smoke from a cigarette can reduce your life by 7 minutes.
  5. Look at the next sentence in line 3: Eén van – is nicotine. Translate this sentence. One of the addictive drugs is nicotine.
  6. Line 4: Gebruiken means to use. Translate the whole sentence: Nicotine wordt – als insecticide. Nicotine is used as an insecticide
  7. Translate the last sentence in line 4: Een insecticide – te doden. An insecticide is used to kill insects.


All in all it seems like our lessons are getting more intense and its becoming really good fun. I’ve had an email about the second term which starts in January. Here what the email said:

This second, more in depth course, will be focusing on the base, making sentences, writing and reading. We will be working from books and you will get a bit more home work. 
After the course, you will be able to engage in a Dutch conversation, make correct sentences, understand spoken and written Dutch, know more about the culture and history, read Dutch. We will also work on the pronunciation, letter combinations, verbs and grammar.
You will get (official) vocabulary to learn at home. The course has a build up character, please try not to miss one single lesson and not to skip learning your vocabulary and homework.
I would recommend you to do this following course. 
I’m definitely going to think about it! I would love to do a course like this but actually in Holland. I think a 10 week course over in The Netherlands would be great fun and a great way in which to learn in a more holistic fashion. Plus I happen to think that I wouldn’t get too homesick in 10 weeks as opposed to an entire academic year! Its definitely something to think about and to discus with my family.
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