1st December 2014 Ho Ho Ho Happy December!

Happy December You Lovely People!

I love Christmas. It’s no secret! I’ve even been planning for it since October and desperate to start blogging about it- Dutch Style. As soon as the summer days start going the opposite way I’ve been all geared up for December 25! I had a terrible flu the first weekend in September and The Food Network channel had their “Christmas in September” weekend full of cooking ideas and glorious sweet treats. So I’ve been ready for this for ages. Now I can shout about it a little more and not get looked at weirdly!

Its 25 days until Christmas. I’m going to do 5 super Christmassy themed posts with this being nummer een.


  • Post Two 5th December: Sinterklaas
  • Post Three 10th December: Kerstliedjes
  • Post Four 15th December: Dutch Festive Foods
  • Post Five 20th December: New Years Eve


By dedicating 5 posts to the festive season I can remain focused on everything else and still maintain an outlet for it all. Oh and if you follow me on Instagram (@MariaVictoriaSmith) there will be a good photo trail of all my Christmas baking!

I am going to Munich for the first weekend of December but don’t you worry my blogging wont be disrupted! My inner organizational-crazy-lady turns on to super mode this time of year and everything is meticulously planned.

Dutch Christmas is a super leuke time of year as is everywhere at this time of year, people are friendlier, the music is better, the drink flows easier and everyone gets all soppy and grateful for the company of friends and family. The Dutch celebrate Christmas in a similar way to us Brits but at the same time in a very different kind of way.

IMG_6150Firstly they celebrate Sinterklaas, I’ve seen so many blog posts about this since the madness started in the end of November. There will be more details on this debate-provoking holiday in the next post, but here’s a little idea. Sinterklaas, who looks very much like The Pope crossed with your traditional Santa, arrives by boat, yes not a sleigh, accompanied by Slaves, not elves, and they leave little gifts in the shoes of children on the door step. Don’t worry the rest will be explained in the next installment of my Christmas Posts!

Secondly they do all the gift giving again on December 25, known as eerste kerstdag, aka First Christmas Day and again on Tweed kerstdag, aka Second Christmas Day (for us that is Boxing Day). The general idea of two Christmas days is that you spend one with you parents and another with your inlaws. I suppose really that is the way I work the Christmas holiday except for me it is one day with each set of grandparents and the second with the other as I’m not married. Dutch Christmas on the 25th and 26th are a lot quieter and more centered around the family aspect. They do still have a Santa Claus but for the sake of separating confusions with Sinterklaas he is called The Kerstman aka Christmas Man.

Like in every country now the month of December is totally commercialized, in the Netherlands you could argue it starts way earlier for them in the run up to Sinterklaas, stores and centers are decorated most beautifully and Christmas radio stations are set up to play non-stop Christmas songs! Thankfully you can tune in online from anywhere in the world to so you don’t miss out.


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