The End Of Dutch Disney Month 2014

To celebrate the end of Dutch Disney Month  and for those of you that don’t follow me on twitter I thought I would share with you the videos and choices throughout the month. In my post at the start of the month I spoke of how important music is with learning and how good the people at Disney are in making all of the songs in every language. Charlene and I have tweeted a new well known Disney song near enough every day or at least a good many each week. Here are some of our selections and some of my favourites.

FROZEN: Zullen wij een sneeuwpop maken? :

I think everyone loves Frozen at the moment. Translating the word “Snowman” into “Sneeuwpop” automatically makes it a winner for me! This song is super cute and definitely a modern Disney classic. Its hard to sing it in English now!



POCAHANTAS: De kleuren van de wind :






LITTLE MERMAID: Diep in de zee :




JUNGLE BOOK: Wat je van beren leren kan :

Wat je van beren leren kan – translates simply into What you can learn from Bears. In English we know it as The Bear Necessities and I supposed this version is the best way you could translate the meaning of the song. The tune is so so catchy and I literally did stick in my head all day!



BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Tijdelang Verhaald :




A French candle singing in Dutch…sounds like it shouldn’t work but it just does! I couldn’t even remember the words in English after listening to it for the 5th time! Kom er bij, kom er bij. Zet je zorgen maar op zij. Een servetje om je nek, cherry. De rest van ‘t werk doen wij.


ARISTOCATS: Kattenpoot voor kattenpoot :


LION KING: Hakun Matata :






SLEEPING BEAUTY : Biperty Boperty Boo :





MARY POPPINS : Supercalifragilisticexpialidatsties

I am a huge huge fan of Mary Poppins, it was my go to film as a child and probably watched it every week I actually wore the VHS tape out! I know it that well I could perform it as a one-woman-show backwards. I have even been lucky enough to see it performed live in both London and New York (Amsterdam next?). One of the most known ditties from the show is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I was immensely proud to learn the song and how to spell it for the first time as a child. Possibly my favourite song but out of the entire movie I really couldn’t only pick one. There is one more letter in the Dutch version, a whopping 35 letters! They spell the word out to a tune so learning the song helps you learn your alphabet too. If you can spell out Supercalifragilisticexpialidasties in Dutch, as fast as they do you are doing very well!


There are so many great Disney songs, I could write about them forever!! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed trying to learn them for the past month.


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