My Holiday Highlights…

Holiday Highlights

In no particular order:

  • Getting complimented on my manners by the sweetest Swedish woman in an Italian restaurant. I’ve had many comments on my accent over the years, especially at university, nobody has ever pointed out how sweet I sounded!
  • Eating Frikandellen op de terrace
  • Drinking Chocomel on the sofa. Dutch hot chocolate is my most favourite hot chocolate in the world. I actually refuse to drink hot chocolate anywhere else in the world. Its just not the same!
  • Watching Dr Phil in Dutch! I’m saying no more than that, I cant watch this kind of trash tv on my television at home.
  • Dutch TV in general. I had this incredible mix of English in my head, Dutch on the TV and in the car and then Spanish in the shops.
  • Singing songs by my ultimate Dutch celebrity: Paul De Leeuw and singing “Kids Club” songs in Dutch. I have a thing for Dutch music, they sing with so much passion its incredible. Every track to me is like a Eurovision Party.
  • A week with a Dutch sense of humor. I’ve laughed that much my face hurt!
  • Finding a fully Dutch-speaking restaurant, and learning that most of the area I was staying in was owned/run by Dutch people. The menu cards where in Dutch, the staff etc. Moraira seems to be the second home for Dutch people. Its amazing how much Dutch I have been exposed to in Spain. I am starting to notice more and more connections to Dutch or the Netherlands in my everyday life, it’s the little things I have not noticed before. I suppose it’s similar to when you are buying a new car and all of a sudden it looks like everyone has the same car. There are lots of Dutch in Moraira though, more than any other nationality and at this time of the year there is more Dutch than there is Spanish!

I’ve had a great few days away from home; I have missed the sunshine on my face for a long time (although I am a convert to wearing nothing less than SPF50 on my face!) I will miss the Spanish-ness of my trip but I will also miss the Dutch side to things. With only 33 days left until the New Year I have been getting all nostalgic and reflective of how 2014 has treated me. It’s been a most hectic year but I have accomplished a lot. My News Resolution to learn some Dutch has been carried out, yes I’m not perfect and couldn’t quiet survive out there on my own but I am in a much more knowledgeable place than I was this time last year!

I have also drafted up the framework for my speaking exam in just 3 weeks!!! Gino gave it the once over, I don’t think I did too badly, yes there was a lot of mistakes but its more a case of word order for me and a narrow breath of vocabulary. It is difficult to talk about things if you don’t know the vocabulary for it. All in all a great trip, I will miss my little house there, I will miss my Dutchie and I will miss being exposed to it so much.

Here’s some photos from the trip.


Trip Details:

FlyBe Birmingham-Amsterdam 
Transavia Amsterdam – Alicante
Monarch Alicante – Birmingham
Villa Siesta, Moraira 
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