Twee Britten dood na gebruik witte heroïne

This impromptu post tonight is a product of watching RTLnieuws about the two British tourists who have died in Amsterdam today after taking some black-market Cocaine (not that there is any other market for this kind of drug). Two things encouraged me to write this post. Firstly the attitude of some English people and their opinions on NL and secondly the way that the Dutch are dealing with this issue.

What annoyed me most about this news article was the opinion had by the British tourists they interviewed. One (stoned looking) man came out with “Lets face it we don’t come here to look at the flowers”. This really annoyed me because this is the attitude of some British people about Holland. They think the worst and tar others with the same brush. The amount of times I have told someone that I’m travelling over to The Netherlands and it has been met with “You going to do some drugs? / You going to smoke weed? / You going for the prostitues *wink wink*?” NO I’M NOT and not everybody who flies into Schiphol is after the same thing. I have no problem with people who choose to use drugs, its not for me but that is my opinion, I have no problem with the red-light district or those who frequent their business but why do people think that that is all there is? The Netherlands is a stunningly beautiful place with so much to offer outside of Amsterdam as well as in the city itself.

The Dutch are handling this problem really well and have even put up electric signs like the traffic warning signs we have in the UK warning about the ‘extremely dangerous cocaine’. There are notes up in all hostels and warnings that maybe English speaking people are the targets. It has made me question would we do the same if this happened in the UK? I don’t think we would handle it the same way.

Have you seen this story? What are your views?


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5 thoughts on “Twee Britten dood na gebruik witte heroïne

  1. I’m in Holland at the moment (staying near Leiden – 45 minutes from Amsterdam) and was super surprised with the warnings in Amsterdam about this. In Australia that public admittance/warning would never happen…I don’t think.



    1. I’ve been through Leiden from what I’ve seen it’s lovely!
      This warning most definitely wouldn’t be about in England. I thought Australia where quite good on public safety things. Are they not?

      One of the things I love about the Dutch mentality is their “no shit” attitude towards life! Xx


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