Another day another country…

I was back in Schiphol at 5am this morning so I thought I would share a few more photos with you. I am away for a few days with Gino, my Dutch buddy (hence the one night lay over in NL). It also means that my Dutch notes have been given the once over by him too, I think he was impressed! His mum tested me on a few bits too last night.

I’m going to point out something really obvious that everyone learning Dutch already knows…DUTCH PEOPLE TALK FAST. Now I mean really fast. I tried my best to use the odd words I have picked up to follow conversation and I don’t think I did too badly but with tiredness, excitement and a belly full of Dutch Chinese food I got lost a few times.

SAM_0339 SAM_0344  SAM_0340

Schiphol is lovely, you know that already and yesterdays pictures showed that too but here’s a few more, you can never have too many right? I went through to a different departure lounge than my usual one. Apparently (I say apparently but its true I was just to dumb to know it) Europe works similar to the USA. The Netherlands is a Schengenlanden which means it has does not have strict boarders and encourages travel between the different countries, the UK has closed boarders and restricted boarder control. Going through the airport and not having my passport checked once felt weird! As per usual, security frisked me and had my handbag checked. I’m not sure if I just look a little dodgy or if I wear the wrong kind of metal in my bra or something. I ALWAYS bleep! The view of take off across The Netherlands was breathtaking, only problem with that was that our seats where the emergency exit and i had left my camera in my handbag in the overhead locker 😦


I’m in Alicante now, staying at Gino’s place, Villa Siesta. It’s gorgeous, stunning even! It is the first time I’ve been here and it’s just incredibly relaxing! The local supermarket is like a multicultural haven, I’ve never seen a store where you can by HP Sauce, Hagelslag, Serrano and Cava for €3 a bottle all off the same shelf! Needless to say the agreement is to have a bottle of Champagne every night (or in the midday, or just both really).



I’ve finally picked a topic for my Dutch exam in December. I am going to talk about my connection to The Netherlands, namely, my Dutch family, my favourite places in Holland and of course my blog. It’s a topic I can guarantee that nobody else will do. I’ve got 5 minutes to talk and then questions to follow. I like to think that I have enough to talk about for hours, which in Dutch should equate to at least 5 minutes (here’s hoping!!). I’ve got two weeks to write it and practice it. It shouldn’t be too bad, there’s no excuse for it to be bad really.



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