Goedemorgen Schiphol!

What a start to my trip…IMG_6177
I left my deodorant in my bag so I looked like a liar when the security man asked “Have you got any liquids?” and I said no. Had my standard airport breakfast. Its not a trip if I don’t eat in Birmingham airport before I fly, its almost a tradition. After rebuying my confiscated deodorant I killed an hour reading my book and window shopping in Duty Free.


About 2/3 of the flight hadn’t filled in their API details so we waited a while in the transfer coach. Then the worst happened. The pilot was sick. Off we all piled back into the corridor and up to the departure lounge. After half an hour the prognosis was the 0925 flight would leave at 1030. Such fun! A plane full of unhappy holidaymakers where getting agitated. There was already one man going on and on about compensation – fair enough to those on a long haul flight are going to get pissed off I can understand that but at this time it only looked like we where going to be an hour later than planned, its hardly “missing part of our holiday”. I took up location at the bar listening to a nice bit of jazz and a reworking of Its Not Unusual which was very pleasant on the ear! The 1030 flight then became 1050.


Once we attempted to board for the second time I saw a young guy around my sort of age. I’d say he was traveling with his brother maybe, they looked similar. This guy would catch anybodys attention, I’m sure a few heads turned in disbelief. The man in question was wearing a tracksuit with a furry hat that had ears on it. The weirdness didn’t end there either. He had a backpack, onto which he had tied some Union Jack bunting. Once he had settled down he pulled out his chosen inflight reading… his was a hardback Beano comic that was probably twice his age. It was a weird set up. IMG_6161

One thing did catch my eye today with all the waiting around and people watching. If you are reading this I would argue that you are possible one of these people. There are two types of people at airports I have decided. Upon boarding for the second time we where moved into a fishbowl-esque room full of seats. There are two doors in the room, the one you walk in through and the one that takes you to the plane. The only people allowed into said room are people with a designated seat on the plane. Why then, please explain to me if you can, did half of the flight queue up at the next door. Is it because we are English and like to queue? Is it because they are eager to go on their holidays? Did they not realize that we would have another 15 minutes wait?

The “queuers” snaked around the room in and out of the chairs and around other people and waited for 15 minutes, moaning again. I went into the room and sat on a chair and waited patiently like we where asked to do. I’m not the most patient person, trust me I get rattled rather easy but what I am good at is reading situations! The queuers really made me laugh.


When we finally got onto the OLDEST plane I have ever been on in my life. Its was an empty plane , lots and lots of space (even though I still got stuck with the guy sitting next to me.) 1hr 58 minutes behind schedule and we took off. Never have I had a delay on an Amsterdam flight!


Got to Schipol two hours later than planned but in one piece. The airport is gorgeous. Such beautiful decorations, such wonderful smells. Its stunningly festive. Outside the terminal is also the biggest Christmas tree I have seen so far this year.

  SAM_0332  SAM_0334

I’m writing this post from my second home in Zuid Holland. I wish I could bottle up this feeling, the coziness, the love, the magic, the laughter… I am fully switched into holiday mode now even though we leave for Spain from Schipol at 0415 for the 7am flight tomorrow.



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Overheard in the airport:
  • To a man re-packing his case on the transport bus, (trench coat, chinos, brogues): “Are you auditioning for The Wanted or something?!” I audibly laughed out loud at this. Good job the two guys where my sort of age a wanted a reaction.
  • About the cancelled fight: “Captain’s sick man, we waiting for his bredrin”
  • The second attempt at boarding the flight, passenger talking about his alcohol sobriety: “Its not like I’m a vegetarian that takes peperoni off a pizza and still eats it”

3 thoughts on “Goedemorgen Schiphol!

  1. Like your post. Strange however that a Dutch language student goes on holiday in Spain. Well, at least the weather should be better there. Although… Temps here are skyhigh.
    Anyway, enjoy your holiday and next time you travel to/from holland, please write schiphol with an ‘h’. 🙂


    1. Thank you!
      I normally holiday in Holland. My Dutch friend has brought a house here in spain so i get to combine the two 🙂
      My autocorrect doesn’t seem to like the ‘h’ for some reason. Or double vowels. I think its because we don’t have it all that common in English. Thanks for reading my post Mark. I think your blog is great!!


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