Useful Dutch Vocabulary For My Trip

2 days until I go on holiday and I cannot wait! In order to survive the basics and to utilise my newly acquired language skills I have put together a page common questions and responses. In this list I have tried to write down questions I will come across and could/should be able to use confidently.

Here’s some of my practice questions, you might be able to learn from them too. They are useful, easy-ish and very much needed pleasantries. The spelling might be a bit off but I’ve had it checked and I have tried my very best.

Hallo! – HelloHoi! – Hi

Dag – Hello / Goodbye

Doei – Bye

Tot ziens – See you soon

Vaarwel – Farewell

Mijn naam is Maria – My name is Maria

Wat is jouw naam? – What is your name?



Hoe gaat het? – How are you?

Alles goed? – Everything ok?

Hoe is het met je? – How are things with you?

Ik ben…– I am

Blij – happy

Prima – fine

Aangenaam kennis met u te maken – Pleasure to meet you (f)Leuke kennis met je te maken – Pleasure to meet you (inf)Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands – I speak a little bit of Dutch.Kan je langzaam spreken alstublieft – Can you speak slowly please

Do you speak English? – Spreekt u Engels?

Dank u/je wel – Thank you (f/inf)

Alstublieft / Alsjeblieft – Please / There you go (f/inf)

Graag gedaan – You’re welcome




Zou u mij kunnen helpen? – Can you help me please?

Mag ik u iets vragen? – Can I ask you something?

Zegt u het maar? – What would you like?

Heeft u..?- Do you have..?

Wil je..?– Do you want..?

Ik wil graag…-I would like…

Mag ik… – Can I have…

Weet u waar de…. is? – Do you know where…is?

Waar is…? – Where is..?

Ik ben op zoek naar…- I am looking for…

Ik wil naar…- I want to go…

Zullen we naar…- Shall we go to…

Ga je mee naar…- Do you want to go…

Laten we vanavond uitgaan – Lets go tonight

Weet u hoe laat het is? – Do you know what time it is?

Hoeveel is het? – How much is it?

Nee, dat was het – No, that is all.

Kan ik een ticket naar Amsterdam alstublieft? – Can I have a ticket to Amsterdam please?Mag ik een cola light? – Can I have a diet coke?Waar is de parkeerplaats? – Where is the carpark?Ik ben verloren – I am lost

Het spijt me! – Sorry!

Ik begrip het niet – I don’t know

Ja, lekker – Yes, (that would be) nice

Nee, bedankt – No, thank you

Ik kan niet – I can not

Nee, sorry, ik moet…- No sorry, I have to…



I can’t wait to get away for a few days and I am lucky enough to be able to spend a night in Holland and then spend the rest of the week in Spain. It will be the first time I have ever flown to another country from a foreign country. How exciting! I’ve not got long until my exam at college and I really don’t know what i need to be doing for it just yet. There is a part of it that includes talking about myself…that won’t be too hard now will it 😉 I’ve got to talk about a dutch topic in dutch too. We haven’t had much guidance in this bit yet and I’m concerned of lack of preparation. Yes I was the kind of girl at university who started her essays a minimum of 3 weeks before the due date! Has anyone got any suggestions of a topic for me? I can’t wait to get started (and to get it out of the way!)


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