Lesson 6!

This lesson was intense but it was the kind of lesson that when I final got around to looking at the clock we only had 20 minutes left!

The vocabulary text for this week was called Het Dwergensprookje – The dwarves fairytale (dwergen – dwarves, sprookje – fairytale). Our tutor had made up a cute little story and written some comprehensive questions to go with it. I like comprehension texts I really do. This text was tough though! Lots and Lots of new vocabulary and translations which are down to interpretation as they don’t make sense when translated literally. I’ve attached this exercise separately as there really is a lot in it, it’s a proper brain twister! In my little study group we got through it rather well and I must admit that afterwards it didn’t actually seem all that difficult. One of the tasks is to translate the whole text, I think I’m going to treat that as an extra recap over the weekend. I haven’t blogged much this week because I have been super busy but I am planning to have lots of stuff up over the next 5 weeks or so up to Christmas.

We had this wonderfully funny conversation in class about dwarfs (the mythological kind) and the differences between “smurfs” “gnomes” and “dwarfs” my tutor said that referring to them as “little people” is the correct way to do it but to me that sounds a little patronizing. Heyho it doesn’t really matter, it was completely off topic. For anyone remotely interested a “gnome” in Nederlands is kabouter, this is different to a garden gnome (the little statues found in English gardens)which is tuinkabouter.


Vocabulary 6 was pretty straight forward this week. We covered numbers, counting increments e.g. tweede, vijfde, achtste… and learned a few more translation rules such as : addictive chemicals in Nederlands all end in –ine e.g. cocaine – cocaine, asprine – aspirin, codaine – codeine, benzine – petrol and English words ending in –scope change to –scoop e.g. microscoop, telescoop. We also learned that English words ending is –tic for example alphabetic become alphabetisch. 

We did a listening test too today which was quite fun. Apparently Section 1 was a level beneath us but I thought it was well pitched and helped maintain my confidence. Section 2 was good as well and I found Section 3 perfectly fine all but the last question where I knew what I thought was said but it was purely a guess. As soon as my tutor emails me the links to the videos, you can find them on youtube, I will tag them into this post J They speak quite slowly and use a lot of the vocabulary I have already covered so it was really good to hear and to learn from.

For the last ten minutes we did some more free conversation where we talked in groups and asked questions to one another in Dutch. It is great to try and recall all of the words we have learnt, I think once we had got into it and laughed off our mistakes and incorrect word order it was great fun!

I’m going to miss next weeks class because I will be on holiday, the plus side to this holiday trip is that I’m going to be in the company of my Dutch friend who I am sure will put me through my paces (hopefully not knocking my confidence too much, I have merely dipped my toe into Dutch Language, there are a whole host of topics I have never even looked into and I cant exactly carry my vocabulary folder around with me everywhere I go!) I am going to keep this blog up to date whilst I am away with different reviews and progress reports its strange to say but by being away from home I’ll probably have more time to blog.


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