A photo of Schipol decked up for Christmas!!

I’ve had a slow blogging week this week. Thats not to say that I haven’t been working! I have become somewhat dependent on my conjugation tables but in doing so my sentences are getting much better. I have a question for fellow mac users…how do you change the language setting on Microsoft Word? In English we don’t really double up on vowels very often and my laptop autocorrects heeft to heft and many others. This means that my sentences aren’t correct when I’ve probably typed them right but my computer does the typo! (Makes a change from my shocking English spelling!)

Not long till my little trip to Holland at the end of November and I have my new camera primed and ready for the WinterMarket. I’m planning a full on Christmas Blog section for throughout December. It is my favourite time of year and I am already getting excited for it this year. Schipol is already feeling festive, my friend sent me a photo from there this morning and it looks so magical already! I’m going to Munich in December for a few days too, lots of christmas markets to take in!!


So yes this was a little filler post, I have my 5th lesson tomorrow night and I am really looking forward to it! It’s the half way mark for this term. I will miss one session whilst I am on holiday but i will be practicing practicing practicing! There is an advanced course in the new year that I am going to think about taking. Doing this has made me consider taking a TEFL course. Has anyone done one? What’s your views on it?


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