Practice Makes Perfect…not quite reached the perfect yet!

I’m off to Amsterdam, granted for only one night, at the end of this month. Then I have a few days away with my best Dutch buddy to practice on and hopefully get over my embarrassment of speaking and using what I know!

Time to recap my vocabulary. Today I covered 3 weeks of vocabulary and two sets of verbs *melted brain* indeed! Vocabulary 3 has been the hardest for me. You can find those details in this post here. I think its because I haven’t heard much from this list.

To help with my revision of these words I made up some more sentences and a lovely little backIMG_6006 story about a phantom shopping trip with my friend and her son Bernard! Its that ridiculous as I tried to use as many of the vocabulary from week three as I possibly could. I checked it as much as I could and then sent it to one of my Nederlandse Experts for a read through. You can read it on this attachment should you wish Vocabulary 3 Practice Paragraph. Originally I had planned to simply show you my corrected version and be all confident in the fact that I had managed to write a piece of some length and get it pretty much accurate. Turns out my attempt wasn’t all that good. (It’s cool. I can totally see where i went wrong now!) In the attachment I have shown you my original version, what i thought i was saying and then the correct version with the comments from john, you may have seen his corrections on one of my previous posts, I think the way he explains it makes sound sense. I am so lucky to have friends on hand to check my stuff through, goodness knows what I would be saying if I didn’t run it by them! (John – I owe you a drink!)

Today I did a little bit of comprehension practice too. I enjoy the texts we get given in class so i scoured the internet to find some examples. I came across this website which includes a Dutch Proficiency Test! I decided to give it a go, naturally it was completely different to what I’ve been learning and it covered an extraordinary amount of vocabulary I had never even come across but never the less I gave it a go. With only a 25% success rate I was still rather happy with it. It was great to practice reading it out load and feeling the words in your mouth especially knowing that it actually made sense! There are many sections to it but I wanted to draw attention to the comprehension. I’ve copied it into a word document if you want to download it. I’ve printed it off and highlighted the new vocab I need. You can read it and have a go here: Dutch Comprehension Practice.


How is everyone else’s Dutch coming along? Are we finding these posts helpful? I’ve had a lot of traffic to my site recently and spoke to some lovely fellow language learners i do hope everyone is keeping well!


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