Dutch Disney Month

I’ve mentioned the power of children’s TV, music and stories. Now it is time to dedicate a post to Dutch Disney. In essence it is just classic disney dubbed over by different actors.

If you follow me on Twitter @mariavsmith1992 you may have seen the excited exchange of tweets between myself and the lovely Charlene (for those of you who haven’t already, you can check out her blog HERE!). I’ve written a post already about a Dutch Children’s Book Een Nieuwe Huis voor Tom and I’ve written about Dutch songs one more than one occasion, you can see my latest ones here. In short our tweets revolved around cute little nursery rhymes such as In Holland Staat Een Huis! The song is so so catchy! It is thanks to Charlene who gave me the inspiration to blog about Dutch nursery rhymes and disney songs that helped and do help me.


Favourite Lyric:

In Holland staat een huis
In Holland staat een huis
In Holland staat een huis ja ja
Van je tingele tingela hop sa sa
In Holland staat een huis
In Holland staat een huis



Dutch Disney is so much fun because you already know the songs, or at least recognise the main themes of it. Here is one of my favourites from The Lion King, Hakuna Matata.


Favourite Lyric:

Hakuna matata, ach je hebt het of niet, Hakuna matata, het is maar hoe je zie.

‘t is een theorie, filosofie, Hakuna matata.

Hakuna matata, well you have it or not, Hakuna matata, it depends on how you see.

It’s a theory, philosophy, Hakuna matata.



As if we can mention Disney without mentioning the most recent blockbuster FROZEN! It has been a massive hit in Holland just like the rest of the world. The songs in Frozen are super cute as standard, translate that into Dutch and I think it sounds even cuter! When I first heard “Let it Go” in a million different languages i knew i just loved it (I loved the Serbian bit!) The brilliance of Disney isn’t only its magicality in story its the fact that every Disney film is recored in pretty much every single langue which is some massive achievement if you think of the cost of making and recording one and then multiplying that by 30+ different languages, each character is replicated by another voice over actor. Disney do this so well because as you will see if you watch the video of Let it Go in all available languages the ladies who play Anna they all sound the same, it could literally be the same person doing all languages and its not. The Dutch version is really sweet. One of my favourite one by far, in terms of catchiness, cuteness and cazyiness: Do You Want to Build a Snowman aka. Zullen wij een sneeuwpop maken? Even the title sounds exciting!

Here is a video of the song and of course my favourite little snippet.


We hebben slecht elkaar nog, Alleen jij en ik, Zeg me, hoe moet het nou? 
Zullen wij een sneeuwpop maken? 

We’ve only got each other left, Just you and me, Tell me, hoe does it go from here?

Shall we build a snowman?

I think nursery rhymes and songs are a great way to learn another language. As childish as it may seem to some does it matter? If it helps, and for me it does, who cares how you hear the language? Living in England learning Dutch is hard, as for any other language, the key to practice is submission and hearing it in lots of different ways. Music for me is the key! One of the first Dutch translated songs I ever heard was Paul De Leeuw singing Zo Puur Kan Liefde Zijn (As pure as love can be aka. Adelle – Make you feel my love) it still gives me tingles when I hear it!

What songs do you listen to? What nursery rhymes help you? As part of my christmas themes blogs starting December 1st I will cover Dutch christmas carols.

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