Een nieuw huis voor Tom!

A great way of learning a language in the context of actual sentences and stories is children’s books. There are a few really famous Dutch ones and i have managed to come across some pdf stories. I’ve found quiet a few about a dog named Waldo, some are generic and some are Christmas themed. I’ve saved them all onto my laptop but cant find what website I found them from to tell you all. I will tag the pdf in this post though if any of you fancy a read. I was quite impressed with how much I understood of the text i read “EEN NIEUW HUIS VOOR TOM“. I’d say from the first read through I understood about 60%. When I went through it again page by page that probably increased to about 75%. I was very impressed. Here is my understanding of the story on a semi-page by page basis:Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 22.51.18

Tom is moving house to a new town. He is worried that he’ll miss his best friend Jan. The new house is very big and Tom goes in to explore it. The house is scary. There is lots of unpacking to be done in every room. He has a glass of milk and a biscuit in the kitchen. In the garden Tom finds a dog house. In it he finds a dog. Tom gives the dog a bath. His name is Waldo. They play together in the house with all of the old things. Jumping on the bed. They had a great time but Tom wished Jan were there. Tom settled on a room that he is happy with. He has an idea and writes a letter to Jan:

 Beste Jan,

 Mijn nieuwe karmer is gewekdig. Ik heb hem helemaal zelf ingericht, samen met Waldo. Dat is mijn nieuw vriend. Hij is hartstikke leuk. Je moet gauw een keertje met hem komen spelen. Ik heb hem gevonden…


Dearest Jan,

My new room is great. I have decorated it by myself together with Waldo. That is my new friend. He is very nice. You must come and play with him sometime soon. I found him…

Here is my list of new vocabulary from the story:

  • grote vrachtwagen – large truck
  • daarna nam Tom afscheid van Jan – then Tom said goodbye to Jan
  • nieuwe wijk – New neighbourhood
  • de reis likjt geen einde te komen – the journey seemed to never end
  • de huizen lange de weg – The houses long way
  • huizen met puntdaken – houses with gabled roofs
  • Hoe zal zijn huis er uitzien? – How would his house look?
  • En vooral – And above
  • Wat vind je ervan? – What do you think?
  • donker en vreemd – dark and strange
  • reusachtig groot – gigantic
  • voetstappen van het jongetje klinken hol – footsteps on the boy sound hollow
  • de zolder leidt – the attic leads
  • rechtsomkeert – about-face
  • een vuile vacht – a dirty coat
  • zienderogen op – visibly
  • spierwit – snow white
  • met hem hoef je je nooit te vervelen! – You never get bored with him!


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