Mijn Nederlands Map en tijdschema

Goedenavond Blog Readers!

I’ve just spent the last hour sorting out my “Nederlands Map” (Dutch Folder) and sectioning off all of my working sections. It has inspired me to post on my blog the different sections I work from at the moment in my early stages of learning Nederlands and I am going to share with you my timetable for my Dutch College course for the next 2 months.

I use a standard ring binder to house all of my Dutch theory work; you may have noticed it on some of my study photos. I like to handwrite things a lot so this helps me much more than doing it on a computer. When I open up my folder I have my Dutch college course timetable (provided by my tutor with the subject covered in each class) and my weekly Dutch homework timetable splitting up the hours I aim to spend each week on different areas of language study as well as the number of blog posts I plan to do each week.

Section 2 of my folder is my college course work, in chronological order of lessons with all of the corresponding worksheets and handouts from each class.

Section 3 is the audio course from where I got my basic understanding of the language from, basic verbs and background theory.

Section 4 is the work I have done from the TallHuis website.

Section 5 is dedicated to all of the theory and practice round Tenses, Word Order, Adjectives etc.

Section 6 is my extra Dutch Vocabulary lists.

Section 7 holds the translation work I have done on my favourite Dutch songs.


For the start of the New Year I plan to combine sections 2, 3 and 5 however at the moment it helps me to keep my learning sectioned and a little more structural.


Here is a copy of my Course Timetable!

Here is a copy of my homestudy Timetable!


I am an organization freak and not ashamed to admit it in the slightest. I love stationary, folders, pens, paper and notebooks. My Filofax is practically glued to my hand! I also love deadlines (strange one I know) and forward planning. Being organized like this suits me down to the ground!


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