Sorry, mijn Nederlands deze week…

I haven’t blogged in nearly a week! Oh deary me! From the look of my ‘Reader’ list not many people have been blogging this week either. I have had a crazy week of work and housesitting at a place with no internet and my phone decided to stop running data too so I have been a tad MIA minus the occasional cheeky instagram picture!

Mijn Nederlands deze week… has been slow and steady. I’ve been surviving off my DuoLingo app and progressing rather nicely. Its great that I don’t need constant internet for it to work so I can use it when I am out and about. I happen to think its going rather well and I am fulfilling my agreed 25 mins + every day!

I’ve back at college tonight. After last week I’m feeling a little blaze about it all hoping for the best obviously and I know it is going to get better. It has to get better. Especially as there is a test at the end of it! Just for the record this is nothing like the Dutch courses I have read that other people are taking. There is no NT levels or anything like that and I’m thinking that maybe if i’m serious about all of this I should be out in The Netherlands doing something like this but right now I’ve made my choice with this and I am going to see it through. Till Christmas at least!

What I have done and aim to keep up for the future of my course is a Vocabulary Book. I’ve got my Dutch folder which I’m sure you have seen reference in to near enough ALL of my blog posts to date but this is a cute A5 notebook (Oranje obviously!) that I am going to write in all of vocab and the translations. I’ve worked out that this book will last me up to Christmas and it a way for me to keep all of the speaking vocab in one specific place. For each of my lessons I have my class notes which have a special place in my Dutch folder but from that I want a pocket sized vocabulary book I can use for practicing the oral element of the language. I find it easier to just write it down or read it but the whole point of learning a language is to use it so that’s what I am going to do.

I’ve got another week or so housesitting but I aim to get a post up about tonight’s class tomorrow. I’ve also been planning Christmassy things for the blog and how I am going to bring in a few more reviews and cultural elements too. It should be rather exciting.


I do hope everyone is doing well, this radio silence is a bit tough at times. Reapeat after me my fellow Nederlands learners (and those that read my blog for the fun you can join in too!) IK VIND NEDERLANDS LEUK! 


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