Another little review for you here. I’ve been assured by the lovely people on Twitter that Rituals Costmetics is a ‘typical Dutch brand’ and that is where I was first introduced to it, also  from my experience it seems like there are more of these stores dotted around the Netherlands than anywhere else I’ve been in Europe! Certainly compared to England where there are practically none near where I live.


Rituals. It’s a store that I wouldn’t necessarily have ever walked into on impulse but I can safely say it’s the best thing that ever happened to me! I adore every single one of their products that I have tried and could not speak more highly of if I tried! I’ve hyperlinked all of my favourite products too!


I first tried there bath products at my friends house. Now I don’t have a bath at home, we only have showers so it was already a treat for me. It was literally like bathing in liquid silk! The smell is just heavenly, literally. I had a Tao Gift Set brought me and my oh my is it amazing or what! I still have a tiny bit of the body scrub left! The shower gel is like nothing I’ve ever tried before, anyone remember the Imperial Lather shower foam that came in a tin and you squirt it out like a gel before it miraculously turns into a think creamy lather? Well this is even better than that! I now have this shower gel in 3 different scents. The Manderin and ?? is my favourite for first thing in a morning.

Now I know these are shower gels and they are two a penny in most chemists like Boots or Superdrug but Rituals is just so exquisite, the smell is strong enough to envelope the entire bathroom but it isn’t too sweet or sickly smelling. It makes you feel so clean it really has become my “ritual” in the shower, nothing makes me feel better!

Moving on from shower gel lets talk body scrubs. I’ve got the Happy Buddah and T’ai Chi. WOW! It exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. Dry skin be gone! Literally!

I am such a body IMG_5677lotion hoarder! I cant help it. I literally have a huge box dedicated to them! I’ve only got 3 small Rituals ones I really do need to invest in a bigger bottle! Post shower, steamy gorgeous smelling bathroom I slather on the Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk it keeps skin so soft and luxurious and the smell lingers for hours on my skin. I even carry around the Mandarin body lotion in my handbag and use it as a hand lotion when I’m on the go. The smell of it transports me back to my warm cozy candlelit bathroom, my perfect little escape.


I went into the House Of Fraser store in Birmingham and had a nose at any new products in or any offers I would happily be taking advantage of. Once I had got my replacement Manderin shower gel I got chatting to the lady about the face skincare range. I’m a big believer in ‘if you’ve got it right stop trying to change’ Rituals should stick to what they are good at and that most certainly is bath and showe

IMG_5673r lotions and potions. How wrong was I?! The lovely lady gave me three small sample pot of their facial exfoliator, 24hr moisturizing cream and the Hydrate Night Cream. Now the exfoliator was lovely, nothing ground breaking but thick and creamy and did the job well. The 24hr Hydrating Gelvsmells amazing that definitely went on my shopping list but what I went back the next week to buy instantly was the Moisture Recovery Night Cream. My oh my I just love it. My mom always uses an anti-wrinkle cream at night and I could never be done with the faffing but I stuck with this for a week, the sample pot the lady gave me lasted for about 9 days. I’ve not missed a single night in the last 3 months. My skin is the best its ever been, my makeup sits better and I have not got any dry patches. I still haven’t really dented this product much, it is lasting REALLY well. Definitely worth the money in my opinion.

I’m off to Holland at the end of November and will be treating myself to the 24hr Hydrating Gel. Along with my body lotion hoarding I’m pretty bad at bulk buying lipsticks and cosmetics. I’ve never tried Rituals Cosmetics but the do have an extensive range I have yet to dabble in.

IMG_0039So where can you buy these products from in the UK? Well the larger House Of Fraser stores have a concession stand in there and the stand alone store I’ve found that’s nearest to me is in the TouchWood shopping center Solihul. There is one or two in London I believe but I don’t know where they are. I think because its seen as a sort of luxury, high-end, type of product that when you don’t find them every where here. Plus I don’t think enough people have shouted loudly enough about the range for many people to take notice. My friends had never heard of it yet alone tried it, I soon change that! Luckily for me they are in pretty much every town in The Netherlands, you’re never really that far away from one, and with the amount of trips I take over there I don’t really have time for anything to run out.




DISCLAIMER: I don’t work for Rituals or deal with them in any other way other than being customer (unfortunately!) I just really want people to try out their stuff because I love it all!


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