Updated Vocabulary List

So today is Wednesday again (kudos for pointing out the obvious Maria!) which means its take two on the Dutch class. Fingers crossed the tutor turns up today! I decided to go over my vocab list and add the new stuff from the last couple of days because I haven’t updated it much. I’ve got 283 words/phrases on my vocab list and managed to do quiet well (I think I did anyway) I got 52 wrong. Looking back at the answers some of them I know but just couldn’t remember at the time and some are just new words I haven’t been exposed to for very long. I’ve decided to share my list of tricky words with you all.

How many of my troublesome words can you do? 229 out of 283 isn’t too bad really, 80%.

1 die that 28 roos rose
2 aan at 29 buren neighbours
3 aangeman Please (to meet you) 30 bedoel je do you mean
4 de achtermaan Surname 31 weet ik veel? How do I know?
5 heten to be named 32 achter behind
6 leven to live, to be alive 33 bezoeken to visit
7 wie who 34 reuzegezellig great fun
8 voor before 35 de regering the government
9 wel indeed 36 grenst boarders
10 zien to see 37 bergen mountains
11 aanbieden to offer 38 dicht close
12 mogen may, can 39 aangeduid
13 willen to want 40 ontspannen relax
14 zeggen to say 41 zorgen worried
15 helemaal totally 42 uitleggen explain
16 kopen to buy 43 daarom therefore
17 nog still, yet 44 afgeleid distracted
18 de dienst the service 45 verwijt blame
19 vragen to ask 46 bepraten to discuss
20 weg the road 47 verbranden to burn
21 weten to know 48 binnen inside
22 boer farmer 49 volhouden hold on
23 de poot paw 50 je bent er bijna you’re almost there
24 alle’bi both 51 vers fresh
25 dus so 52 nadat after
26 hoe’wel although
27 de slagerij the butcher shop



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One thought on “Updated Vocabulary List

  1. Hey I saw you have read my blog post, so I thought let’s take a look on her page, and I think its really cool you like Holland so much. I like the fact that you are learning Dutch, just like I have learned English. Keep up the good work, and good luck miss!!


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