Whistle While You Work!

So today when I looked at the Dutch section that was planned for today and I didn’t really fancy it and in all honesty it just looked super hard and I haven’t got much attention for it today. So instead of doing “Gefeliciteerd met je vriendin!” (that will come later on this week) I decided to do some translating of my favourite Dutch songs. I’ve talked about the Dutch artists I love in a previous post and as a way to lift my spirits I thought I’d have a listen and translate them. I’ve always been quite musical and can pick up music and lyrics pretty swiftly therefore it makes sense to try and use this method of recall to songs. It had also occurred to me that I had favourite songs off the album “Zo Van Ah Yeah” but didn’t actually know what they meant. Win win all round I  say, a bit of music on in the background and some dutch translation it all comes together quiet nicely, utilises all of the senses so to speak. This album was out in 2013 and are technically his “old” songs because he has new ones out but everyone loves an oldie!

My two favourites I am going to talk about today are; Als Ik Naar Je Kijk – When I look at You and Beauty en de Brains – Beauty and the Brains. (For anyone interested they are numbers 1 and 3 on the album). I thought it better to pick two rather than waffle on about all 13 because lets face it I could, but that would just be boring for you all.

Als Ik Naar Je Kijk

Now what i forgot when i started doing my little translations is the fact that most songs are actually really cringe-worthy when you look at them line by line. Now imagine looking at them line by line in another language. The dutch have a wonderful was of being straight to the point and phrasing thing a little differently to how we do in English. There are some cracking one lines in this song. For example:

Dit is niet wat ik voor ogen had ik me hoofd, mijn hoofd. Niets of niemand kreeg me van me pad, nu ben ij stuurloos en zo verward, in mijn hoofd – This is not what I had envisioned in my head, my head. Nothing and nobody go me in love, now I’m so confused and out of control (rudderless if you like) in my head.

Here is a photo of the chorus (WARNING: uber cringey!)



Here’s a video of him performing it live on Radio 538. I think it helps that is a cute little thing.

Beauty en de Brains

Now if we thought the first one was a little soppy this one may just surpass it. I still love it though and I can no sing along to it appearing as a hopeless romantic rather than risking being offensive or deranged to any passing Dutch people who hear me sitting in my car blasting it out of the radio speakers!

The first two lines kind of set the tone for this little ditty:

Ben niet zo’n held van mezelf, maar ik heb een superwoman bij me – I am not a hero myself but i have a superwoman with me (now come on how cute is that! This coming from a non romantic kind of singleton than is almost sickened by the thought of loved up couples).


Another one for you, now I’m not sure if my translating is a little off do feel free to correct anything and everything:

Ze is zo lekker het is bijna niet gezond, En zelfs haar naam rolt lekker over de tong – She is so tasty it is almost unhealthy, and even her name rolls tasty on the tongue (LOL! Obviously I have translated it literally rather than in plausible context but what a line “She’s so tasty its almost unhealthy!”)


Just to add to the glorious cheesiness here is a video of his singing it acoustic.

If I’ve managed to secure your place on #TeamNielson at this point check out his new stuff. His latest video was filmed in Leidsplein Amsterdam. When i was in Amsterdam in the summer my apartment literally overlooked this square! I would have definitely got up and joined in!


I’ve really enjoyed writing this kind of post. I think I’ll do more maybe switch it up with all my favourite Dutch artists. A bit of Anouk, Paul De Leeuw maybe a bit of Jayh, not forgetting the cutest Nick en Simon. I’ve hyperlinked some videos to their names. What is everyone else’s views on Dutch music?


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