First Day of Dutch Night School

My initial thoughts about starting college where of course mainly nerves and a whole lot of questions:

Will I be in over my head?
Will I like the people?
Will they like me?image
Then the thoughts crossing my mind revolved around what I was gonna wear, how to have my hair etc. I mean you wanna look nice but not over done, it is school and not a bar after all. I decided on my standard pair of Levi’s, black boots and a blazer, a nice necklace and a bit of lippy. Stereotypically the wardrobe of a student crossed with a power woman.

Traffic into and out of Birmingham was manic due to it being the last day of the Conservative Party Conference (CPC14) so the typical 25 minute journey managed to take me 1hr15 minutes! Thank goodness it’s not alway like that.
Got to college, paid for parking etc even managed to find the classroom. Slight problem with the fact that the tutor didn’t.
My class is made up of 13 (including myself). It seems like a lovely class. Mixed in age, gender, ability and justification for learning Dutch. We waited in the corridor and then classroom for nearly an hour in total and still nothing. To say I was gutted is an understatement.
My inner Primary School teacher came out so I suggested that we all introduce ourselves just to pass the time away. We even talked about the websites and online tools available. I talked about TaalHuis and we discussed Duolingo too.
The college blamed traffic and apologised. Then the man incharge went on to count how many of us there was in Dutch before says “Goedenavond. Dank u wel.” Which I found quiet bloody patronising. Seens as it took me about 2.5hrs travel time in total to count to 13, say goodnight and thank you.
It’s as if fate is telling me these classes are not going to work. First the taster session and now the first lesson. In a bid to put the balance of love and inner peace back into my life I gave my pay and display ticket with 4 hrs remaining to a Spanish couple on the carpark. They seemed happy with it.
Oh and then karma slapped me back round in the face again because when I got out of my car again I trod in dog poop. Β I could almost give up! Really I could!

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