Sisterhood of The World Award!

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award1What a way to start my 50th blog post!


So picture this if you can…I’m there in my kitchen taking a fresh batch of vanilla cupcakes out of the oven (I’ve become some what of a domesticated goddess as of late, I blame the Great British Bake Off) and I get an email notification that the lovely Miss Charlene Spillane has commented on my latest blog post nominating me for The Sisterhood Of The World Award.  Two things came to my mind instantly 1) I was so pleased that she had read my post and liked it and 2) I was confused I’ve never heard of this Sisterhood-thing before but was intrigued.

I started my blog on August 1st 2014. I started it really for myself as a way to mark off milestones in my Dutch language and for an outlet to ramble on and on about all think Dutch. Charlene, i think, was my first ever follower and most definitely the first person to comment to me and wave a friendly hand. For anyone who hasn’t checked out her blog, why the hell not? She is currently living it up in Amsterdam (not jealous, no not one bit ;p) and self teaching Dutch too. I love reading everything she is getting up to and hope that the next time I am over in the land of Windmills and Cheese we can meet for coffee (well I don’t drink coffee but Dutch Chocomel, made with milk of course NOT water, is the best substitute).

So there is my little wittering on introduction now I much follow the rules:

The rules for the Sisterhood of the World Award are as follows:
– Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. (CHECK)
– Put the award logo on your blog. (CHECK)
– Answer the ten questions they have set you.
– Make up ten new questions .
– Nominate people


Charlene’s Questions:

1) When was the last time you truly pushed yourself?

Erm…talk about throwing me in at the deep end. When did I last push my self. Probably when I signed up for my Dutch course that I start TOMORROW! I sat on the carpark for like half an hour questioning if i could honestly and truthful commit to it. Every day is a struggle to find time to study and when I had the flu a couple weeks back getting back into a routine with it really did require a firm hand!
2) Describe your favourite photograph of you. Show us if you like!

My favourite photo has got to be a photo taken of me at my friends wedding in July of this year. From the moment the groom told me he was proposing i vowed to wear a ridiculously large hat and some show stopping heels (its kind of a SITC thing we have going on). This photo anyway is of me acting like a prat on a grand stone bench wearing the hat, the dress, the heels. I felt amazing and after the photo was taken I think I did actually get a round of applause from the rest of the guests. Here it is:


3) Do you sleep with your blinds open or closed?

Blinds shut, curtains open.
4) What has been your favourite age so far?

19. I was happy at 19, things where good at 19. Then 20 happened. 21 hit me from nowhere and I have recently been informed that I’ve only got 6 months left of being 22!

I really liked being 19. I was a fresher at Uni, had a car, could do whatever I wanted and was averaging about 6 trips to Holland a year!

5) Do you have a morning or night time ritual?

I have a ritual which I’ll be honest has only been since the start of 2014 but every night I wash my face, slather on my Rituals Moisture Recovery Night Cream (literally swear by the stuff, my skin is in a completely different league now), brush and floss my teeth. I’m mid-process of getting veneers on my two front teeth so I’ve become an oral health freak!

6) How would your best friend describe you in three words?

Laugh  – a – minute.

What can  say?! The party doesn’t start till I’m on that dance floor or behind the bar at least. This girl makes a mean “Sex-On-The-Cosmopolitan”
7) If you could live in any country besides your own, where would you live?

Given my blog and my ridiculous obsession I would love to live in The Netherlands. Most specifically just on the outskirts of Gouda. I’ve actually seen the house I want. Its the type of house I can only dream of. I did take a photo of it but can’t find it. I’ll do some research and add it if i can.

8) What is the most frustrating thing about blogging?

Not sounding too much like a weirdo – although theres not much I can actually do about that because its already happened I think. I tend to ramble on a little and type every word that comes to mind without much forward planning! Oh something else thats frustrating for me, I like to put some photos in with my posts but I have a rather stubborn Photostream so it sometimes feel like it takes FOREVER!
9) When was the last time you cycled a bike?

My parents brought me a Vintage Dutch step through bicycle for my birthday this year. I don’t ride it as much as I should really. I went out on it last month I think.
10) What are your thoughts on cheese?

Cheese…I never really had an opinion on it until I had to eat it for breakfast (which I have grown to rather enjoy). I love it. In every form. Not a fan of the super smelly ones but anything else goes. I love the cheese shops in Holland, you can literally have your lunch in there with all the samples and the choice, wow the choice is immense. I tend to just let my Dutch friend pick my cheeses now when we go shopping for it. He loves it even more than I do!



My ten questions (I loved Charlene’s questions for me so I am going to steal some):

1) Describe your favourite photograph of you. Show us if you like!

2) What are you addicted to?

3) Favourite TV or Film in a Foreign Language

4) Tea or Coffee. Why.

5) If your life was a movie what genre would it be?

6) If you could go back to any particular historical event what would it be?

7) Biggest Guilt Pleasure

8) What where you most scared of as a child?

9) What is your hidden talent?

10) Your Favourite Smell?


I’ve not been blogging all that long and I am still very new to it all but I would like to nominate:


Life In The Hague

Enjoy ladies!

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