Nieuwe Schoenen

A topic on which I have had mIMG_5580any conversations about in English and it seems quite apt with my blog post this morning about Klompen . This section was a discussion in a shoe shop with Marcel en de verkoopster. Again it is a great vocabulary builder as I have covered ordering things and buying things in a shop but this section puts it into more of a conversational way. There are useful little phrases throughout. The Dutch seem to list facts about what they want rather than express prose at great lengths. Here is an example:


Other useful sentences from it include:

Ik heb hier dat model in uw maat – I have that style in your size

Mag ik die meteen even proberen? – Can I try them on right now?


The Dutch for “How do they feel?” is Hoe zitten ze? Which translates to “how do they sit?”


Dat is niet goedkoop – That is not cheap! (Definitely a phrase I need to learn and listen to!)


Followed by the classic line that has tipped me other the edge of buying yet another pair of heels I will never wear – U zult er zeker geen spijt van krijgen – You will not regret it (even though we sometimes do when they stay in the box and in the bottom of your wardrobe for months).


I’m not sure if I’ve mention the nifty little media player on the taalhuis website. The conversation is typed up and usually I rewrite it and colour in the new vocabulary but at the bottom of the page is the conversation read/acted out which is fantastic as it helps you to actually hear the new vocab rather than make it up. I’ve said many times about the difficulty of learning a language you don’t readily need being the speaking element. There is little point learning the “Maria-Dutch” when it is worlds apart from the Dutch that the rest of the world knows!


As for the Gramma and Vocabualry Training I think this section has been my favourite so far. Part 1 is combining two sentences with conjunctions. I got 7/10, I am literally ecstatic! Here’s and example:


Hij heeft weinig geld. Hij werkt hard (hoewel) = Hij heeft weinig geld hoewel hij hard werkt.IMG_5584


Part 2 is the “Odd One Out”. Which is basically self explanatory e.g.:


Rood – Groen – Kass – Blauw

Lopen – Fietsen – Rijden – Eten

Mooi – Leuk – Lekker – Lelijk


The odd ones being kass (cheese), eten (to eat) and lelijk (lilac).

I’ve had a great session today! Only 3 days until class starts, lets hope we can keep this up!



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2 thoughts on “Nieuwe Schoenen

    1. Im going to download Duolingo first thing tomorrow!

      Oh wow thats amazing and so kind thank you! I’ve not been doing this that long it means so much to me that you a) read and b)enjoy what I write! You are a little gem!

      Cant wait to hear how your Amsterdam cycling is going on! I have never cycled in Holland (trust me i am equally as disappointed in myself). It is definitely on the to do list when I’m next over 🙂 xx


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