Heb je al een fiets?

The intermediate sections is ridiculously upper level for me! The topics are obvious topics, like this one, “Heb je al een fiets?” but in a much more detail. Now I know this is obviously going to be the case and conversations will contain much more than “Dit is sen boek. Debicycle boek is blauw

Learning this way really does help with expanding the vocabulary and learning useful little sentences such as:

Ik sta nog steeds liever in de file – I would rather get stuck in traffic. (Definitely a useful one for living in the UK!)

Ik maak me wel een beetje zorgen om je – I do feel worried about you quite a bit.

Je moet ook wat ontspannen – You must relax

The task follows the conversation of John and Heidi who are talking about bicycles, Heidi is worried about John for working too hard. You could argue that this is a typical conversation amongst friends. I’ve talked about the Dutch obsession with bicycles on a previous post.

The Gramma and Vocabulary Training for this was what i found the most difficult as part one was on irregular verbs turning into past tense. As much as I have got the Past Tense covered I kind of neglected the irregular verbs apart from Zijn and Hebben. Whoops! The second part was about Opposites which are always useful in covering. Here are the ten I covered:

1. Dik – Dun

2. Breed – Smal

3. Hoeg – Laag

4. Klein – Groot

5. Veel – Weinig

6. Altijd – Nooit

7. Donker – Licht

8. Zwaar – Licht

9. Rijk – Arm

10. Goed – Slecht / Fout


With only 6 days until Night School I am trying my upmost to develop my vocabulary list and get more confident listening to Dutch. I’m going to try and watch more Dutch TV this week too! I haven’t done much of a review on Dutch TV. I’ll try to write one up in the near future.

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2 thoughts on “Heb je al een fiets?

    1. Yes. I do.
      I was so shocked that it would stream in the UK for me. I know that BBC iPlayer doesn’t stream outside of the UK for some unknown reason! I quite like watching the cookery programmes some are in English with Dutch subtitles and vis versa. That really helps test your brain both ways! xx


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