Dit is Nederland

I’ve gone back to following my little online lessons. Those of you who have read many of my blog posts know I used to use a website (tallhuis.com) for my background learning before classes start. When I went off on a mad one about Tenses and Word Order I left the work on the website to one side. So today I’ve gone back to the site and started on the intermediate pages.

It’s pretty intense and it took me a second or two there is no easy transition from beginner to intermediateย believe me! When I sat back and looked at it properly I was surprised by how much I got straight away.

Dit is Nederland – Is a little like I remember a comprehensive piece at school. There are different versions of the text, one full dutch, one with an english translation and one with gaps missing. It is all the same text so effectively you are reading it 3 times. I wrote the text out ( it filled an A$ about 80%) and highlighted all of the super-new vocab. It was great fun really.

IMG_5543Here’s a little snippet:

De mensen in Nederland spreken Nederlands. Veel mensen spreken ook Engles en Duits.

Nederland heeft geen bergen. Maar er is veel water. Heel veel water.

Er wonen ongeveer 15 miljoen menses in Nederlands. De meeste van hen wonen in het westen van het land. Daar liggen de steden zo dicht bij elkaar dat se soms samen als een stad met de naam ‘de Randstad’ worden aangeduid.

The second section is on Grammar and Vocabulary Training. Part 1 is on Plurals and Diminutives and Part 2 is on Infinitives and Translation. It was a good test on these verb formations. I got 13 out of 20 for part one and 14 out of 20 for part two. Not bad I didn’t think. I’m looking forward to the rest of this intermediate section.


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4 thoughts on “Dit is Nederland

      1. I’ve signed up for Duolingo – it’s pretty basic to begin with (you can do a test that’ll move you to a level more appropriate for you!) but I love that it has an app. I do a lot of traveling and I’ve been using it on my iPad on the train etc to improve my vocabulary and grammar! I like Taal Huis too.
        Do you watch any Dutch TV or listen to the radio? I love listening to 3FM (http://www.3fm.nl) or watching shows on http://www.npo.nl ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. Thats a brilliant idea. I love the portability!
        I do listen to the radio. I’m a big fan of SkyRadio and Qmusic.
        I do watch NPO too. Not as often tho. Its easier to have the radio on rather than tv. Have your seen Nick en Simon? They’ve done a series on NPO of their “world tour”. Its brilliant! xx


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