Back on the ‘paard’!

Yes I know the Dutch don’t say “Get back on the horse” but I thought it would be a quirky title ok?!

This afternoon I have been recapping Dutch vocab. Not as badly as I expected really I must say! I started of writing from memory just little sentences about myself trying to use as much of the vocab I could. Here’s a little snippet.

Hallo. Ik ben Maria. Mijn voornaam is Maria. Mijn achternaam is Smith. Ik kom uit Engeland. Ik woon in Birmingham in Dutchstraat op nummer 399 met mijn mama en papa. Ik ben 22 jaar oud. Ik ben niet getrouwde.

Not bad from memory I don’t think! I am going to write out some questions to myself tonight and try and answer them in Dutch. I did a Q&A on my page in English (not sure why when this blog is about Dutch!). I’ll put these Dutch questions on a separate post you can read that here.


I also practiced writing directions to my friends house in the form of a conversation to.Β blank roadsign

Pardon Meneer. Kunt u mijn vertllen waar het Whitehouse is?

Ja hoor. Even kijken. U moet hier rechtsaf dan de tweede straat links, dan rechtdoor en de tweede straat rechts.

Dank u wel meneer!

Graag gedaan!

Probably not the Β most accurate but this is how I would have said it in response hard the questions been asked to me!




I also wrote a role play exercise in two parts. Asking my friend “Zullen we naar de bioscoop gaan zaterdagavond?” and then a telephone conversation asking “Mag ik twee kaartjes voor de nieuwe film met Leondardo DeCaprio alstublieft”


Its been Β a fun, if not short (I usually do a 2hr session today was only 45 mins) recap session!


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