Getting my backside into gear!

So I have finally gotten over my flu thank god! It was awful and trust me I’m not normally one to main about such things! Anyway…moving swiftly on! I have 16 days to go until my first class at night school.

With and extraordinarily busy week ahead I am aiming to jump back onto the Dutch basics revision. I always seem to be more committed to it when I’m crazy busy! Im sure there is a saying somewhere about asking a busy person if you want something done. That is definitely the case with me.

I want to cover my vocab lists. I got pretty good at them so it will be quite a test to see what stuck and what hasn’t along with my tenses and word order. I’d love to get a handle on this before classes start. I’ll be in a better place then to discuss with my tutor if the uber beginners class will cover what I did last month or teach something new.

I’m a little scared that I’ve forgotten everything over this last 7-10 days. Language really is something you have to keep going with and I suppose with it being a new language for me it isn’t going to just happen, it requires lots of hours and patients!

With my filofax and mac calendar bursting at the seams lets bring on the week ahead!


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