Why have I been MIA??!

So its been a week today since my last blog post was uploaded and I haven’t touched a word of Dutch over the last seven days.

I have had what can only be described as the worst flu I’ve even had in my life. After immobilising me completely for 3 days I think I am reaching the back end of it now which has left me with a very limited sense of taste and a blocked nose but trust me this is a walk in the park compared with last week! I’m kind of hoping that this will act as my own version of the “flu jab” and that I’ll be set for the winter now (fingers crossed anyway!).

I have an information session at Night School this evening ahead of starting the course in October so I am going to that Β later on today. I can’t remember if I said before, when I signed up early August there was only myself and one other person in the class, i guess i’ll find out tonight how many others have opted in (or indeed out!). I don’t mind a small class, I think its better really as it sort of forces you to a) do the work and b) speak and be spoken to.


I will have this little review up probably first thing tomorrow as tonight I’m just going to want to come home and go to bed no doubt.

Thats all from me I’m preserving energy and concentration.


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