They might not be the worlds most generous parents but are they the strictest?

I found an article on which is actually all written in English which is great. It also ties in with the episode of “The Words Strictest Parents: Holland” I saw on BBCthree recently too. I can talk about both together.

So lets start with this article with a headline: “Dutch children near bottom of pocket money ranking”.

A study done by ING has looked into the amount of pocket money given to children across Europe and it has found that children in Holland get 10-15 years get €5 a week (average) this increased to €12.50 (average) over the age of 15. According to the same report kids in the UK get £6 under 15 years and £12 over. In the grand picture of Europe The Netherlands are 11th out of 12, beaten only by children in the Czech Republic and the UK is 7th. The best place for pocket money according to ING is Italy if anyone is interested they get €10 under 15 and a whopping €30 on average over 15!

Now personally I cant remember actually having any pocket money on a weekly basis as a child and if I did it definitely wants a lot but I had my first job when I was 15 years old. It was only a Saturday job and didn’t pay a substantial amount but I earned it and I spent it until I could get a proper 15hrs a week when I was 16.

Onto the “Worlds Strictest Parents: Hollandstrict-parents”. If you haven’t seen it I’ll link the video at the bottom you can catch the full episode on Youtube! The two British kids they send over there are horrific! Absolutely terrible, ill mannered, look a mess (the girls hair is HORRID!), disrespectful you name it!

For those of your who haven’t seen or heard of this series before (no I hadn’t either!) Two British teenagers must live for a different family for a week. In this case they live with the Van Berkels, a regular working class family. They believe that their two biological children should do their bit and believe that the key to good parenting is trust. I can’t see any problem with that.

Given The Netherlands liberal attitudes to drink, drugs and sex I think the British kids thought it would be a walk in the park (not sure why they would think that given the TV show they are appearing on). The Van Berkels give their kids freedom, but demand responsibility in return.

Now a week in a different place is not long enough to make ANY different longer term I don’t think. They send the kids so college for a few days, to work for a day and have a family day together. I think if anything they would need a least 4-6weeks to make a difference and appreciate a holistic upbringing but aside from just sitting here dissing the morality of others and the overall slapdash affect BBCthree is aiming for it’s a good show. They manage to show a good overview of “normal” life which, lets face it most shows never do. The show is actually quite informative too on the different education system and the bicycle transport system. They don’t show the glittering lights of The Netherlands are even the best schools etc they show a normal Dutch way of life in a normal town.

The Dutch and the English family life, from my perspective, are very similar I suppose in many ways I was brought up a bit like the Van Berkles are bringing up their children. All of the Dutch families I know do seem to work on a trust basis which is possibly due to their more liberal views although I don’t know any Dutch people that are quiet so anti-alcohol as in the show though. All my Dutch friends LOVE a drink or two!


As a viewer watching the show I wouldn’t say they where the “Worlds Strictest” not by a long shot but for the two kids sent out their on the show I suppose they where. Watch it and tell me what you think!

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