Adjectives pt2.

There is so much on Adjectives that every page you turn there is something new or something extra.

New things to add, these are sort of fill-in sections as I have added these to my other work done in the last few weeks a opposed to a new section in the folder.

Added to The Present Tense section I looked at forming adjectives in the present. In English we add ‘-ing’ to a verb making it a verbal adjective (expressing and activity that can be describe a noun).

To form the present participle in Dutch I developed a three stage system.

Step 1: Take the verb infinitive. E.g. to laugh – lachten becomes lach

Step 2: Form the simple present tense. E.g. De lachen

Step 3: Add ‘-d’ and form using the adjective rules set out on the previous post. E.g. De lachende koe – The laughing cow.

Here are some more examples:

  • De volgende week – The following week
  • De zingende zusters – The singing sisters
  • Een schreiend kind – a crying child


Another add on fits in with The Past Participle

This is very simple, as per the adjective rules words ending in ‘-en’ stay the same and do not change. Past participles ending in ‘-d’ or ‘-t’ add an ‘-e’.

Some examples:

  • De gesloten deuren – The closed doors
  • Verwende kinderen – Spoiled children
  • Zijn gedrukte werken – His published works.




After discovering Bela’s blog* my little wind down session from todays lesson was bit of Dutch TV. I have spoken several times about enjoying Dutch TV but I had never found educational Dutch tv or shows that are work at my uber-beginner pace until I found Lingo. I love NPO and use it quite a lot if I want to fill my background noise with Dutch or watch the world news it is great for building up vocab and helping to get the rhythm of the language. It also introduced me to my little ‘Dutch-Crush’ Nick en Simon. I am going to review Lingo separately, you can read that post here .


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*Bela’s blog is amazing! Check out her Dutch Resources tab for some fantastic language learning help! WordPress is fantastic for doing stuff like this, you find people all over the place that have the same interests or histories as yourself.


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