Possessives and Possession

I’ve been a bad girl and didn’t blog yesterday! Sorry! 24 consecutive days is still pretty damn good! 

So, moving on! Today I’ve covered Possessives and Possession, which was a lot easier than it first looked! There are two variations with Possessive. Those that relate to adjectives ( e.g. describing it) and those that relate to pronouns and possession of the object. 

I’m going to go into a little more difficult but this is very straight forward. 


I have learnt them in correlation to the same patter as my tenses for example, Ik, Je, Hij, We, Jullie, Ze. Possessions follow the same sort of pattern: 

possessivesmijn – my or mine

jouw (je) – you or your (singular)

zijn – his, its

haar – her or hers

uw – you or yours (formal)

ons / onze – our or ours 

jullie (je) – you or yours (plural)

hun – their or theres. 



When the possessive form is used as an adjective they come before the noun. Just like in English. They don’t change their spelling or anything. 

Some examples: mijn auto – my car, zijn vrienden – his friends, jouw moeder – your mother.



When the possessive form is used as a pronoun or signalling possession you add an ‘-e’ to the stressed form. Here are some examples in the context or a sentence (notice the -e at the end of mijn, onz and jouw):

Zijn werk is beter dan het mijne – His work is better than mine.

Welke fiets is de onze? – Which bicycle is ours?

Welke kind is het jouwe? Which child is yours?  


As with Dutch it never really is as easy as you think it is when you start work on it so there is an anomaly In many sentences in which the verb ‘to be’ is used (which is quite a few lets be honest) the word ‘van’ is used. Here are some more examples: 

  • Is deze pen van jou? – Is this pen yours?
  • Die schoenen zijn niet van mijn? Those shoes are not mine.
  • Zijn deze brieven van jullie? – Are these letters yours? 

This is also how relations are expressed too for example: “de vriend van de dokter” – The friend of the doctor, “de Kat van het meijse” – The girl’s cat.


Actually seems quiet straight forward doesn’t it! 

I found a little pop quiz on it and got full marks! Feeling rather good about Possessives! Time for negatives tomorrow, lets hope they are just as easy! 

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