Forward Planning for September’s Lessons

In my rest day of Dutch I felt somewhat lost from the excitement and puzzle-like ways that is language learning. In this time I have therefore planned what I intend to cover over the next few weeks and in the run up towards starting my official class. IMG_5252

I’m not a teacher, never really even considered it as a career choice, it may sound silly but I don’t feel that it would challenge me much in the way of being exciting and groundbreaking however today I have created a sort of “lesson plan” for the two upcoming weeks. I feel like i am blindly writing my own little “Teach Yourself Dutch” curriculum. I’m quite enjoying the planning stages maybe TEFL might well be a career choice for me after all! 


The plan for the upcoming week will look a little like this. 

Sunday & Monday – Word Order

Tuesday – Possession

Wednesday – Negatives

Thursday & Friday – Adjectives 

Saturday – Weekly Recap and irregular verbs

Sunday – DAY OFF. 

That doesn’t look too bad right now does it? The following week I’m going to cover things like: conjunctives, articles and forming questions in a little more depth. I do feel very organised with it all now and I know I have a bit more of a plan. I have two goals in mind now which i intend to work with No1) Stop being so hard on myself with having expectations set too high and No2) Up the speaking. I’m not learning this language to only be able to read and write. 

After this past week of heavy tense work my plan for this week is to considerably up the speaking and listening. I remember reading a blog somewhere from a polygot (individual who can speak several language) who talked about measuring your hours studying vs your hours of verbal practice. There is little use in spending 100hrs reading in your head vs 100hrs talking to people. 

I think i’m sounding a little more positive today. I feel much more focused and rearing to go. Bring on the week ahead! 


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