Irregular Past Tenses < My views right this minute!

Finding this a tough one! Irregular verbs need to be learnt individually and committed to memory and if I’m being honest I haven’t spent much time doing this. This has been proved today by my complete fail of a revision session. In my translations from Dutch to English I got a measly 7/12 and in my English to Dutch I got an appalling 3/9!

My problem is most definitely word order and sentence structure. I think I have spent the last week trying to run before I can even stand up let alone walk. I’m going to take a day off from it tomorrow and regroup with myself. I’m trying to be an expert in just 2 weeks and its just frustrating me that I can’t even translate “I walked into town yesterday” my versions consisted of Ik elope in de stad gisteren and Gisteren ik in de star gelopen. Needless to say the actual answer( for anyone giving a damn) is Ik be cistern de stand in gelopen. I was miles off!

Feeling a little disheartened today if it wasn’t too obvious already. My Dutch dictionary has arrived today but its only English into Dutch. Not sure how much this one sided will help or hinder. We shall see, it was only £3 from ebay after all!


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