Revisiting the Past Participle and my current problems

To start my tenses revision lesson today I thought I’d make it a little more fun. Two words…Dutch Disney.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not some pathetic 22 year old with some warped childhood obsession with Disney, that’s really not my thing AT ALL! But (yes there is always a ‘but’) Children’s movies usually use quiet simple language and no body on this earth donest have one favourite Disney movie from being a kid! One of my friends suggested this method of learning which I think is a pretty nifty idea. I have a tendency to learn songs and music at a ridiculous rate, play it me once and I’ll have it and could lead a band. So I went through the obvious songs (Not quite sure why they would be obvious) – “Laat het gaan” (Let it go!- Frozen), “Diep in de zee” (Under the sea- Little Mermaid), “Belle en het beest” (Beauty and the Beast). It was great fun I’m not going to lie. Where would we be without Youtube ay?!

On to proper useful stuff now.

Today I have revised the Past participle, forming it, using it etc. I’ve even made myself some cute little flashcards with the rules on. In my audio course there are some mini tests and drills to practice. As far as the forming of the past participle I got a whopping 8/10! I was very chuffed with myself. With regards to the section of translating Dutch sentences into English I managed 8/12, which is still pretty decent I think. My mistakes where due to a lack of knowledge and dictionary. I didn’t know what “de staple kranten” was and without a proper dictionary I’d got no chance, turns out it meanFirst 7 days! s “pile of newspapers”.

Translating English sentences into Dutch was where my troubles started. I only got 4/10 (*sad face!*) . My main problem…word order! There were two sentences I didn’t have a clue about but for many of the cases I had the right words just in the wrong order. If I could just get a handle on the word order I would have got another 3 sentences correct! It’s a tricky one at the moment the fun side is still there but its frustrating when you can’t quiet get sentences right! I seem to have the Dutch-English sorted but the English-Dutch just isn’t quiet happening for me just yet. If anyone has any suggestions on getting this word ordering right I would really appreciate it. I guess thats the next task. Revision of more tenses and practicing word order!

Must keep those spirits up!


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