Tenses Pt4.

Right then, where shall we start today?!IMG_5222

I’ve wrapped up the theory work now with the tenses (thank god!). Today I’ve covered the future tense. The verb “zullen” which means ‘will or shall’ which is what is needed for the future tense. This is where the complicated bits come in. To form the Simple Future you need the simple present tense of “Zullen” +infinitive. To form the Conditional Future you need the simple past tense of “Zullen”+infinitive.

Are you still with me? Don’t worry, I had to read it twice myself. This should technically make it a lot easier when perfecting tenses and if you can get your head around the Simple and Perfect present and past tenses (I’m not there yet) you’ve got the rest of the tenses covered! Fully ware that I’ve made that sound easy and when you read it it is BUT (come one there is always a ‘but’) you’ve got to crack the Simple and Perfect tenses first. Even now writing this I can’t quiet remember them. I’ve definitely done the right thing breaking up the tenses into Past, Present and Future. Β Now all of the basic theory has been covered I need to go back through it and practice, practice, practice. I’m building the foundations here and I think i was a little overambitious to think I could cover it all in one weekend.

I am going to write a separate post on the similarities and differences of the Dutch Tenses and English Tenses which will hopefully be helpful for me in the next few months and for anyone tackling it.


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