Tenses Pt3.

So last nights work consisted of going over the vocab list again. The piles of known words vs unknown words are very rewarding! There was a few I had a lucky guess with but it still worked in my favour with only 6 words having to move back on to my “must-relearn’ pile. I then covered some more practice sentences from yesterdays Simple Present and Present Perfect. This wasn’t too bad. It will be a lot easier to do once my Dutch dictionary arrives. There are a few sentences that I am unsure as to the word ordering but I’m going to ask my Dutch friends when they are back from their holidays. The sentence (according to the terrible things that is Google-Translate!!) still makes sense whichever way I try it. 

Today I’ve been looking at the Simple Past. I think this will make yesterdays work easier.

There are two endings for regular verbs, te or de. The classic irregular verbs, hebben and zijn are oh so beautifully converted into “ik was” meaning “I was” and “ik had” meaning “I had”. How brilliant!

There isn’t much to report on the past tense really. Which probably means I’ve got it wrong but its ok, we will just go with it all and hope for the best! Tomorrow the plan is to cover The Verb Zullen – to shall, the Simple Future, and Future Perfect. Once they are all covered I am planning a mass revision of lessons 1-10 already covered and a then a huge tenses session. I’m struggling to find worksheets for Dutch. Got a feeling I’m going to have to make up my own for the time being, it seems to me that there are more resources available to learn mandarin rather than one of our nearest European languages!

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