Tenses Pt2.

IMG_5212Today we have been very productive!

Covering in depth an over view of tenses. Not sure about anyone else but the “official” names for tenses do confuse me so I’ve given myself a little English 101 on the names of tenses. I would advise it for anyone learning now I have it all written down and I can refer to it as it is the first page of the Tenses section in my Dutch folder!

After covering the basics I started off small. Present tense is talking about the here and now. I have experience with this from what I have covered so far and getting more confident in this will help when learning the other tenses. The two main verbs that we use “to be” and “to have” are irregular, obviously the most used ones aren’t going to be straight forward, but getting a handle on these is pretty useful.

I’m learning my verb conjugations in this format:

verb conjugation


It is the same way I did it with French and I can till remember some of those verb tables!

After the Simple Present I covered the Perfect Present which refers to a completed action in the present tense. This was little more tricky as I have looked into Auxillary Verbs too which is assisted with the knowledge of the present tense of hebben (to have) and zijn (to be). This all makes sense so far. Obviously it is something you have to think about and there is a pattern to regular verbs and the fact that irregular verbs are irregular means there is a “kind of” pattern to those too.

All in all the present tense is covered and I am happy with it. I haven’t done as much oral practice today as I would have liked to have done. It is some good learning these verbs if you don’t know how to say them properly! For revision of today’s work I am going to scour the internet tonight for some Dutch tense worksheets. I’m bound to find some somewhere and when I do I’ll post the link to them.

I’ve come across some quirky little sentence again, as usual!

Ik heb groene laarzen – I have green boots. (I suppose you think I’ll never have use for this sentence…well actually I do have a pair of green boots!)

Ik ben gevonden – I have been found. (Not sure in what context you would say this. Would you exclaim it in a game of Hide and Seek?)



Tonight I am going to go over my new vocab list of the words I’ve come across in the last 3 days. Tomorrows task…Simple Past and Perfect Past. Heres hoping it will make logical sense at least even if the recall is laboured!


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