Tenses Pt1.

Tenses are making me tense! There is no two ways about it, it is *MIND BOGGLING*. I don’t think this will come as easy as the other bits have so far. I’ve spent 2 hours on it today and when turning the information into layman’s terms I get the grasp of it but as soon as I move onto the next section i’ve lost it.

Due to a stationary issue and the fact that I’ve used a full pukka pad on Dutch scribblings I have resorted to working on it on my laptop. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as my plan to write it up tomorrow will help with the revision of the 18 typed pages I currently have. What strikes me as most difficult with it is how much there is to know compared with how little I recognise when hearing a conversation. I’m not sure if that makes sense or if this work has just liquified my brain.

Lets look at this in another way.To Do List for Tenses

In English we interchange our tenses all of the time and if we are being honest who really keeps track of what tenses they are using in what sentence apart from the obvious Past, Present and Future. There are so many perfect and imperfect tenses, new names for tenses I have NEVER even head of such as; Intransitive and Transitive Verbs, Active Voice and Passive Voice and they are just the ones I have read tonight let alone the Perfect and Imperfect of every tense.

Now I’m not sure if I’m just being stupid here, I do consider myself a rather intellectual, but this is so intense! I think the plan for tomorrows lesson is to take it in sections. With my lessons to date I think I have the present tense (ik ben, jij bent etc.) and plural forms and endings. That won’t be as energy zapping. Dealing with the Past and Future separately should make it all a little less overbearing. If memory serves me right I don’t think I even covered the Future tense till my 4th year of French studies! Β Trying to do this just 8 days in is a little over ambitious.

Negativity gets you nowhere though. If I think I am going to be any good at this I have got to embrace the bull by the horns. I’m having an early morning session on it tomorrow (I’m off to V Festival for the day). The plan is to cover the present tense, and the past tense. Lets leave the conditional, future and other fancy bits for another day!

Hoping to have a better report soon about what I’m covering and the types of practice exercises I’m going to be doing. Lets just say building my list of vocabulary in sections according to word type will help make this a little easier!


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