Today’s little online lesson was about taking part in a phone call and being able to talk about your credentials as if filling in a form. Oh yeah and there was a  perplexing section on reflexive verbs but i’ll get to that in just een momentje. 

So first things first talking on the phone. I’ve seen this done over there and always thought it a little strange. The Dutch answer the phone giving their name rather than just saying “Hello”. To me its seems a little strange answering the phone “You are speaking to Maria…” The more i think about it it sounds quiet sweet but i think it would take some getting used to saying “U spreekt met Maria…” I just have the urge to say “Hello!” even tho the Dutch find it very rude to not say your name first. 

I watched my first conversation on the tutorial sight and pretty much understood a good 90% which felt very good for first thing on a Friday morning! My vocab list has risen again by a good 30+ words too. 

formsLearning how to fill in forms is pretty straightforward once you know the vocab for things like; name, first name, surname, address, DOB, married etc.

The Dutch say their address differently to us in England as they say the street name then the number. Which makes more local sense i suppose. If you are looking for a place you look for the street name first and then find the desired house on said street. Logic! 

There was quiet an feeling of achievement when I was trying to understand that “Autokoper” meant without using a dictionary or translator. From the vocabulary I have learn already in the last week and understanding the love of the dutch language when putting two words together to make one I worked on, on my own, that “Auto-kopen” – “car-to buy” must mean car buyer or car salesman. Low and behold my word of the day… Autokoper! 

Then we went back onto my dreaded tenses and word types (i will tackle them this weekend!). Reflexive Verbs. Have you heard of them? I most certainly haven’t until now! This is up for studying over the weekend I have only just got my head around splitting the verbs in a sentence before trying to tackle the dutch for “I am washing myself”! My first attempt didn’t work out to plan. 

As you can probably tell I am quite impressed with my progression today. I think it is ahead of a weekend of tenses that I know will get me down but if i can bustle through these I only have to learn them once! My mom questioned “why are you trying to learn everything before your classes start” and really I’m not. I know such a little amount and am still in desperate need to build up my confidence in using the language and the bigger challenge of remembering what I’ve covered! 

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